Oh! Dear Cycle || The Secret To My Glowing Face

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At last I'm finally able to hump into this #pobphotocontest proudly promoted by @friendlymoose

In my house they called me the queen of DIY (Do It Youself) lol! a lots of my friends actually depends on me for their latest natural beauty recipe and I make sure never to disappoint them.

This cycle is an image of my DIY face mask ready to be apply on my face.
Since i haven't been that lucky with facial beauty product I resulted to making my own research with natural fruits and I have discover that pawpaw is a great fruit in treating pimples or other related face problems in other to have a glowing and fresh young face.

This face mask had been saving my face from the wrath of pimple since two years ago. I have recommended this to a lots of my friends and it seems to work for all skin type.

If you stay in a hot weather country like Nigeria and a stressful city like Lagos then, the possibility of always having to fight pimples of your face is higher.

The procedure is very simple just blend a slice of pawpaw inside a container and two spoon of tumeric powder and your face is on the way to been glowing all year round.

This amount can last as long as two month if store inside a deep freezer, just take a little portion, apply it to your face before taking your bath wash it off after ten minutes with cold or warm water then take your bath and your fresh face will thank you for it. 😊 You can do this three times a week.


This was taken before blending the pawpaw, can you spot that inner cycle, i just love pawpaw, is my life saver and if you want it can save yours as well.

All the images where taken using my Techno pouvvoir 2 with defualt settings.

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That's your beauty secret. 🤩😍
Nice one. !PIZZA

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😊😊 yeah, as well as writing on POB and minding my business on offline 😀😀

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Haha, you actually found us worthy to share your secret with us. That's reathrr thoughtful.
I don't tend to have too many pimples on my face thankfully, if not I'll have tried your recipe.
Do you by any chance have a recipe for hair growth??

I'll love to see hear From your you.

Nice picture by the way!! ❤️❤️

Ahaa! I sure have a recipe for hair growth.

I use coconut oil for my hair and it has never stop growing. If you want strong, longer, shiny and healthy hair,then coconut oil is your best friend.

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Is great one though,and I wish to be like you when I grow up and have a different ways of putting things together and make a wonderful means of using.

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Hahaah thanks brother, for always coming to support me on my contents.

I wish you a blissful weekend 🤗😊

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This is a lovely one, I would have loved it if you dropped a selfie with it on your face.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

When I looked at your photo I'd never thought of a face mask 😄
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Hahahha, that was the whole ideal, thank you.