Shadows within a society ... Sculpting in clay - is this a form of 3D art?

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You know, while me and my children are playing with lego or any other ingenious characters :) we are discovering all kind of techniques to explore and combine the playground from within our matrix with #abstract and #contemporary techniques of achieving modern photos or effects. :)

Therefore, here i will present you some of our #photos created using a simple technique of shadowing the character used to be part of our experiment.

For instance, here's one of the figure that we used to obtain the shaowing effect through our #photos ...

This is the technique, from a child perspective ...


After placing the character of which shadow form we wanted to obtain, the results started to be interesing ...

Here i will present different characters that you might recognize that are representing some aspects of this society ...

The very first one, might present shadow of the souls who are searching the Enlightenment ...


After we've took the photos using the behind shadows of some of our characters, we've got these unique photos.

I do hope you'll enjoy them ...


Maybe the one from above, represents the very present society in the verge of becoming more greedy and haunted by the consumism dementors :)

Maybe the disease of comparing our lives it's also the result of this greedyness and loss of focus on our own lives :)

Meanwhile, maybe we shall remain sharp and wise and become like the knight within our hearts who will protect every aspect of our own lives.


Hope you've enjoyed our child playground in our very own #abstract and #contemporary way.

Now, i'll step further within my Matrix and i'll introduce you to other chambers of my crafts through which i am creating my #artworks ...

I've always thought if sculpting in clay and creating photos including lego characters, can be considered something that is:

Fine Art with original concept, especially when the sculpture, painting and the photos has been created by myself?

Therefore, i've thought to present you something from it's beginning, and the end results through some photos.

I know, that this might look like a 3 D alien insect at the first sight :))


It all started from this and the sketch must become something unique in form of a lamp :)


I've decided to combine as well the craft of painting, and this is based on oil colors.

I think it came up pretty cool and i am very happy for my #artwork :)

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-07 at 23.50.04.jpeg

The acorn clay cottage came out as a final #artwork looking like this :)

Me and my children, we like to combine the crafts of sculpting and paiting with the art of creating stories as well with lego :)

I guess that this next photo of mine, could be considered even as an #nft creation ... since it's an important character that lives around this awesome acorn clay cottage ...

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-12 at 13.29.13.jpeg

Sometimes, only playing with the light from a lantern can offer some unique artistic results.

As a sketch of some old cartoons, this image i've created through my clay sculpting/painting and the combination with lego, took me back to my childhood :)

The best way to create some unique #artworks is always happening along with your children ...

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-12 at 13.24.06.jpeg

I do hope you've enjoyed my #artwork and hopefully i'll be accepted as a musician mainly who likes to express myself through different crafts of art and i'll return with new creations :)

Have a blessed day my fellow-artists.

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