Some future thoughts in an abstract artistic way ...

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How many of you are still enjoying the #starwars lego spaceships?

Are these impressive future machines something that scares you or you just approve that this will be the next eon in matter of what society will become?

Maybe soon or later, and especially if this world does not learn to become a better one, maybe we'll see soon than we've ever expected some troops like these on the streets of some major cities around this world ...


Maybe, while some of you are still waiting for different menus of spaceships to appear on our skies, i think we shall focus on becoming better souls and minds :)

I don't think that people nowadays are realizing the danger on which this world has arrived at this very moment in time ...

Maybe i am just a crazy artist for some of you, but you know that i appreciate as well your ignorance ... especially while it's a bliss for this meritocratic society ...


I think that a cool army like this one would be impressive for every human of this so called Earth and it will be fun when the galaxies will open through their portals and we'll travel with some spaceships like they would be the subways in New York city ...


Enjoy my #music as well though our latest EP album entitled Expansion ...

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I just tried Star Wars: Squadrons the other day. I cannot get into flying video games, never have been able to. I actually enjoy your beautiful staged LEGO photos more than that game.

Also just checked out your EP and I love it. Just added it to one of my playlists.

Thanks @daltono

I really appreciate your comment and support within this new Matrix ...

If everyone would be so supportive like you are, this entire blockchain would be something else in matter of altruism.


You can find my music on my webpage where are more interesting channels within the cryptonian matrix.

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I feel the appreciation. Hopefully many more like myself will discover your fine work. There are many others like me for sure. Sure there is still low hanging fruit around, but we must welcome all.

Keep posting your work here and I’m sure you’ll find great success.

I will visit your website. Thanks for the link.

I like the smaller lego star wars sets they seem less serious and a bit more fun