Smoothies Coffee Topping Ceres

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Coffee can be enjoyed in in many variants, such us hot or cold coffee. It also can be enjoy in the fresh beverage like Smoothies coffee and banana topping ceres


Do you like hot, cold coffee, or other beverage variants? Coffee can be made in various variants, one of which is Smoothies coffee, bananas, and ceres toppings.

Smoothies Coffee topping Ceres tastes very delicious and healthy for the body. Because I don't use sugar either. The sweet taste is obtained from frozen banana slices, which makes smoothies more fragrant and sweet. Messis Ceres makes sweet taste


The materials prepared are:

• 1 pack of White coffee
• 2 tablespoons of quaker oats
• 1 glass of fresh milk no sugar
• 1 tablespoon cacao powder
• 1 tablespoon Meses Ceres
• 1 pieces banana (cut and put frozen)
• 5 ice cubes

Step Making !!!!


*Step 1: Brew White coffee and let it cool


Step 2: Mix up coffee, banana, Quaker, and Cacao powder and blend


Step 3: Smoothies Coffee can be served

Steps for Making!

• Brew white coffee with hot water
• Add 2 ice cubes to cool the coffee, make the temperature the same when blended
• Add banana, oat meal, 3 ice cubes
• Blend the ingredients
• Add milk and cacao powder
• Blender to blend everything



• After all flat, serve in a serving glass
• Sprinkle meses ceres as a topping


What is the Benefit of Coffee Smoothies?

Smoothies Coffee, bananas and Quaker oats can be an alternative to a nutritious breakfast menu in the morning. You can find the beneficial content of each ingredient mixed.


Coffee smoothies, are very suitable to be an option for people who don't like caffeine too strong. In addition, Smoothies are also very suitable for those who have stomach acid problems (GERD).

The presentation of coffee can be made into variations, according to the needs we need and how to enjoy it. Hot or cold?

Serving Coffee with Smoothies lets us know how to vary the drinks we love and serve them more deliciously. That was the recipe for Smoothies Coffee, I hope it's useful. For the mixed ingredients, it can be adjusted depending on your taste.

That's all my story about #Coffee☕ Thanks for stopping and reading. I am very happy to be able to share my recipe, photography, and my life as an Indonesian in Taiwan. See you in the next post. May we all always be given health and prosperity always.

Best Regards

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A different way of consuming a little caffeine, which surely mixed with oatmeal will give a boost of energy to our day.

That's right, the combination of banana, coffee and Quaker gives us energy and satiety when we consuming:)
Thanks for stopping by friend 🌸

It's a pleasure, best regards

Great idea to use banana as sweetener instead of good ol sugar. I’ve never tried it with coffee but it sounds interesting. Nice shots there too! :D

That's right, bananas can be a healthier alternative to sugar substitutes. It’easy to make it, you can also try.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Never in my life I had never thought that banana and coffee could be taken together, but it is a new combination that I will gladly try when I have the opportunity, thanks for sharing :D

It my pleasure to share my journey and recipe about my coffee.
Thanks for stopping by:)
happy weekend