The Art of Plating #1: Sweet Potato Cakes With Choco Coconut Flakes [Step by Step Tutorial]

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The Art of Plating #1: Sweet Potato Cakes With Choco Coconut Flakes [Step by Step Tutorial]


Welcome to my latest series The Art Of Plating.

I will bring you to the exotic art of food from Indonesia that is worthy of your knowledge.


Indeed I am not a chef. I'm just a young girl who likes to cook and likes to explore new things in ingredients.

I am happy to be able to share a home-cooked food plating tutorial in the hope that there will be other people who are inspired to serve home-made food to be more artsy and attractive, even if it's just simple food.

Even simple foods deserve to be seen beautifully with a little trick of plating.

So in this first series, I'm going to show you how I present baked sweet potatoes into an interesting dessert with a few extra garnishes.

Step 1

Prepare baked sweet potatoes. You can also use fried sweet potatoes.


The important thing to remember is how to cut sweet potatoes at the beginning. Be sure to explore the shape of Sweet Potatoes so they can be cut into interesting slices.

This is the form that is produced by my sweet potatoes. Quite interesting with a round shape but somewhat elongated with pointed at the end. Of course, it looks like it's not sweet potatoes.

Step 2

Prepare buttercream. You can use any buttercream according to your taste. Here buttercream has an important role because it adds value to the sweet potatoes themselves.


We can also form buttercream with various interesting shapes to create the illusion of a new form of this food.

Step 3

Add dry toppings such as roasted seeds or fruits.



Here I use interesting things that maybe you've never seen before.


I use chocolate coconut flakes. This is made from dried coconut flakes mixed with brown sugar, cocoa powder, and ground cinnamon.


Carefully place the choco coconut flakes. Make sure to place the coconut flakes consistently on the sweet potato slices.


Step 4

As a finishing touch, add additional ingredients made from powder. Here I use ground cinnamon.

You can use sugar-flour if you don't have ground cinnamon.


That was the simple way I raised the level of sweet potatoes to dessert that has an attractive appearance.


I apologize to you if this series of The Art of Plating does not look like a professional. But as an amateur in the plating field, I made this blog as a record of my learning progress.

See you in the next The Art of Plating series!

Happy Yummy Tummy Dishes!


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Upps sorry about it. Ehehe 🤭

It's pretty and looks delicious. I would like to eat all three right now.

I would like to eat over one plate 😄😄

I'm glad you like them. Have a great day for you

Looks delicious.. :D Really plating food is an art...

I still learning Sis..😄