Portrait of a Lady with Oil Colours

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This is a Portrait painting of a Lady named Mrs. Kate I have been wanting to make since 2018.
Every now and then the thoughts of making this portrait comes into my mind, months turned into years and I can't even tell how it's almost five years broooo!!
Like I just wanted to make this painting last month because the memory is still fresh, I feel so fulfilled after accomplishing this.

I roughly mapped out the shape of the face with brush using freehand, I sensed that it wasn't balanced so I redrew it.

I did my first colour block-in.
This stage, I only roughly decided how and where the nose, eyes, lips will be without attention to skin colour.

From this stage, I started working in layers. After painting a full layer, I will come back to it the following morning which makes the oil paints to get a bit dried and will make any colour application on the surface to be brighter. I will keep adjusting, calculating and relating the organs till I finally fix them right.



I will only move to any part of the body or start giving it a fitting background if only I have gotten a facial resemblance of my subject.

How do you see this work?
Drop some critics if you want.
And if you need something like this for yourself, friend or family member, you can reach me with this link: WhatsApp
I will get it delivered to your state or country, thanks.


Beautiful image.

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Thank you.
I do think CCC is same as Creativecoin tag.


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