Disko Cow - Art piece dedicated to my 2 biggest supporters

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Heyo artists!

As you may know, I bought a Wacom Cintiq 16 graphics tablet and created 2 art pieces already; Hive and Morty and Toilet GIF. We all knew that I was not going to stop there 'cause I'm more than hyped on my graphics tablet and creating art with it.

So, after a few ideas I had, I decided to show respect and give thanks to my two biggest supporters: @diskoteqa and his girlfriend, Purple Cow.

I wanted to draw a cow' s head that has a necklace with a disko ball. But, after realizing we could draw that on their wall in the room, I decided to draw whole cow and give it a disco ball just as a detail.

After drawing the main idea, I just wanted to put some background to finish the whole piece and to make it look cooler.

This is what I ended up with:


They are supporting my a*s from the beginning of Crypto journey to beginning of my streaming career. And they didn't stop there. Now that I am trying to be an artist, they are supportive a lot by watching my stream and helping me with gaming or creating my art.

I thank them for that. Muchos muchos muchos. :)

I really appreciate them wasting their time on me and I hope this will make them laugh a bit, at least.

What comes next?

I really don't know and I have 2 reasons for that.

The first one is that I need to decide what to draw next. Is it going to be related to Hive, crypto, or something else.

The second reason is that my sister bought PS4 VR yesterday and we played Beat Saber game and now we're hooked on it like a junkie on drugs.

Maybe, I will rest a bit tomorrow and continue to do my thing after that. I'm not gonna put pressure on me as I want to make art freely and with much joy as I can.

Until then!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


You can easily find me on Discord (Mr. Spacely #7598). If you like my content, you can also support me here:

TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/mrspacelygaming
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FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/scienceadventures44
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Disiz not a chjoke!

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The first one is that I need to decide what to draw next. Is it going to be related to Hive, crypto, or something else.

Please draw Charles Hoskinson and share it Twitter.

We need to make Business deal with Cardano

I can do it like I did with your Twitter pic. It will be a lot faster and better looking.

Can you tell me the stors behind this? Anywhere I can read? Just so that I can add more things in the pic and make it look ok.

I'll do my best :) tnx