Handsome Man at the Crossroads of Junji Ito's manga 🖤 My Character Drawing

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I think that today, on the birthday of the talented manga artists Junji Ito, I simply must once again return and remember the beauty of his frightening universe.

My Character Drawing

Fatal beauties, frightening transformations into terrible monsters, sinister fans and strange neighbors - every character in Junji Ito's work is worthy of attention, but I decided to stop at the "Handsome Man at the Crossroads" - the hero of the same name manga, endowed not only with mesmerizing gloomy beauty, but also with mystical power that claims the lives of ordinary people. Everything as I love, lol

For inspiration)

Work process:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Thank you for your attention! ❤️

If you passed my last character from the manga, then you HERE)


This art amazing ,its coloure work wonderful,i love it .thanks for sharing post.

Ohh, thank you so much! 😳

I think it's a very well done drawing. Transmit an attitude and connects you with diverse emotions. Congratulations

Thank you!😄

At first I thought it was a female. However, upon closer inspection, I can see the fine detail that defines the male features. And those eyes are haunting.

Thanks for sharing.

thanks for your response! probably, I should be delighted that eyes of the hero had such effect on you 😅