Growth - The Seed Must Grow


Where there is sufficient water and air, growth is inevitable.

Just like air and water are needed for a seed to germinate; practice, perseverance and learning are essential for an artist to grow and get better.

The more you take correction and practice, the better you become.

Here, I made an illustrative work that depicts a pencil affixed to a ground with a hand holding it in such a way it is being planted. The hand holding it is the life wire of it. The machine which commands it, telling it where to go and what to do.

The pencil represents my seed where the ones surrounding it could be other failed practices I've done and experiences I've accumulated over time.

There are other leaves and plants surrounding it that have already germinated.

This piece was done with AutoDesk sketchbook application and aided with an S-pen. My steps are below:

Screenshot_20230518-162147_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230518-162836_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230518-163534_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230518-170511_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230518-171739_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg


Nice one brother. I love your creativity — using different objects as metaphors and symbols to pass a message across... Through your words which speak in volumes, explained better your creative point and what you intend to pass across...

Thanks man. I just felt to replace it that way when I saw something similar to that which inspired. Then, the idea of coming up with the message erupted.
Getting better in art requires a lot of sacrifices and patience but some feel it is impossible when ever they pick up pen/pencil and tried just once or twice.

That's really good, Comrade. I enjoyed reading your words; you actually passed your message in a good style — in a very captivating way — the message is profound and inspiring as well...

You're right, creativity requires perseverance, patience, and hardwork, too; It's all about trying and never relent till it gets better and better, till you become a PRO...

Thanks man. I guess you haven't sent this post I shared earlier which you requested for....

Yes, I missed it. And thanks for calling my attention to it... I've commented on it, you could check it out


It is said that along with art, you are also getting to guide us. Because the creation of life started with plants. , The growing through the art are looking very amazing. 🙏

Thanks for your input. I appreciate 👍