Capturing the Speedster flash .

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The final trailer of the Flash movie was released yesterday. Have you seen it? If not, check here THE FLASH - FINAL TRAILER . I am very excited to watch this movie. But we have to wait to June 16th, but the trailer of the movie looks too good. Amazing VFX work . In here Flash travels into the past using time travel to save his mother. There are two Batmans, two Flashes, Supergirl, and a villain.

We saw Michael Shannon as the villain in Man of Steel, and it seems he is the villain here too. However, without watching the movie, it won't be well understood. The most interesting thing here is that Michael Keaton will be seen as Batman, and Ben Affleck is also seen as a Batman. It will be fun.

I'm working on an illustration of Ezra Miller's Flash. I just completed a portrait of his face. I've been working on it since yesterday, and it took a long time to bring it to this state. Anyway, it's done now. There are many different types of Flash art on the internet, and I took inspiration from a few of them to create this piece. I hope you like it.