Where to check, whom I have delegate my HP to?

in Quellolast month

I have delegated some of my HP since the time of previous blockchain and trying to remove the delegation so that I can fully utilize it here on HIVE. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the IDs.

There is a dApp or something on Hive, I came across during the first month of HIVE, is anyone know about that or something else where I can check my delegation status.

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Check upon wallet.hiveblog delegation and do the needful changes...same is available on peakd under the HP amount

It doesn't show the IDs of the users I have delegated the HP to.

Did u tried through peakd?


I can see the names in both the link, not sure where u r trying

Could you share the screenshot.

Hope this make sense to u


Found it. Thanks. I was clicking the lense/search sign but not scrolling down.

Once again thanks.

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You can easily check your HIVE delegations using the PeakD interface.

Click on your profile and then your wallet. Once inside your wallet page, click the magnifying glass underneath your HP that I've pointed to on the image below:

Hive delegations highlighted from PeakD

From there, you can view, update and remove all of your HIVE delegations in the section I've boxed.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Figured it out with the help of @steemflow a while back.

Once again thanks & wish you a safe day.