Small Liquid filling machine that I built

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Dear friends,

I just finished my prototype for the bottle liquid filling machine. I am going to use it to fill liquid soap into bottles. It was designed in such a way that the filling pump will switch off automatically when the liquid is filled to a desired set weight.

The controller is an on/off controller using Arduino Mega, a load cell, a relay for switching on/off the pump, rotary encoder switch and a few other switches . The load cell can bear up to 5kg. The below video demonstrates how the controller works.

And I uploaded my Arduino codes to my GitHub page as below.

The codes will be improved as required over time. The controller will be used to switch on and off the 12 V pump below.


The following is the final setup of the small liquid filling machine. I have tested it and it is working as desired.


My filling machine prototype can be extended or modified as desired. I can use some other sensors to detect the liquid being filled instead of using the load cell. And I am going to make another similar project with a 10 kg load cell for filling 5 L bottles.

This is my first post here in this STEMGeeks community. I chose to post here because I found similar projects posted here. Thank you for viewing.

11th Nov 2021


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