Bought a tablet with a line through the screen

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I've wanted a tablet for note taking for awhile now. Looking for a deal I went online and found Galaxy Tab S4 for sale though it had a line through the screen. Only shows up when on. No other issues reported. I watched a video online stating the ribbon cable for video on the back of the device under the cover may need to be reseated to fix it. I think its worth a try.


If I can fix it that would be great, otherwise I may just have to deal with that line through the screen. I guess worst is if I crack the screen while trying to take the back cover off or if I damage the video ribbon connector. Though with my recent success in fixing my camera I want to try.

I'll record taking it apart and fixing it. Will post that when its done. Maybe I can root it after. Another fun project.

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I would return it.

I bought it because it was broken, so I dont want to.

That is a problem because it these gadgets often are nt meant to get opened because of the delicate components within it but I think you know what you will be doing @solominer and I hope that it would get fixed soon.

So true, I hear it's easy to crack the screen if not careful taking off the back case. Hope I can be careful enough. I dont have that plastic tool that most have to remove it.. maybe I need to find something.

a line of pixels is dead, let's replace the screen

  ·  last month (edited)

Oh yeah? I'm gonna try to reseat the ribbon cable first. If that does not fix it you're probably right.

Good luck! 👍📱🔧

Hah thanks alot I'm gonna need it.

maybe it's just part of the design. lol

Hah I dont think so

I have an idea: while you don’t fix it, try to use it in multitask mode, divide the screen 50% and you won’t even notice ;)

Oh damn good idea! Well if all else fails I'll give that a try.