Milk crate computer project: Setting up the container for hardware

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Using a milk crate for a computer case has some complications, though with some creativity those issues can be overcome. I built stilts for the motherboard to rest on. Using some old peanut butter lids and some water bottle caps I build risers so the video card and other PCI-E components will fit into the slots.

I use a hot glue gun to attach the water bottle caps to the peanut butter lids. After cooling, I place them into the milk crate and try out the motherboard inside. Fits well though now I need to deal with the ports being blocked by the milk crate. I need to get to the video card slot, usb, audio and network ports. To do this I cut out some of the milk crate, its pretty messy but works. The milk crate tends to break apart as I cut it but it did not fall apart too much. Next time using a Dremel would make clean quick work of the cutting. But this time around I use wire cutters, a screw driver and my

I had to go back and cut it more after putting the motherboard and video card in. Always a little more I need to cut that what I thought I needed. Though id rather not cut enough than cut too much and ruin the crate.

Before building a computer out of this milk crate, it was my Mason Bee cocoon drying crate. Where I would lay the cocoons with a fan blowing on them to dry. You can still see some of the debris on the crate thought I dont think a little mud and pollen will hurt this old motherboard.

In my previous post on this project I showed the two motherboards I was considering and I chose which one I wanted to go with on this project.

In the next part I connect the power supply, hard drive and boot it up for the first time. Going through the settings to make sure its operating correctly.

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Haha... yeah it's quite the wild build.

Milk crate for a computer case is totally new to me but makes sense. Creative!

Hehe yeah it's pretty funny everything fits inside. I did not expect that until I saw others building them with these.

@solominer, This sounds Unorthodox Combination.

It's always feel good when we come up with some Creative Solutions.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

Hehe yeah it's not your normal computer build that's for sure. But still alot of fun regardless.


Hah thanks


Awesome Idea!
No Ventilation Problems!!!
Haven't built a P.C. in a few years, but it still looks like fun!
Have a Great Weekend!
Good luck with the Cherry Bushes!

Hah yup, I did add a fan for the cpu and one for the mosfet. But besides that it's basically an open air case.

I wish I would have thought if it,
even easier to clean,
Just blow it out with the compressor, You can get to everything!
Great idea & have a
Great Upcoming Week!!!

Hah so true it would be real easy to clean..

Thanks alot! You too

It's the computer techs dream!

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