Cows don't give milk, you've got to put in the work and get it

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This is the title of Promod Batra's book, which ironically fell into my lap this morning.

The primary thesis of the book can be understood with this short story:

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A farmer called over his oldest son when he reached the age of 12 and told him

I will tell you the secret of life.

The boy was obviously intrigued and wide-eyed, anxious to hear these words of wisdom from his father.

And so the man spoke:

The secret of life, son, is this: The cow does not give milk.

What? What are you talking about? Asked the boy incredulously.

You heard me right, son: The cow does not GIVE milk, you have to go out and get it. You have to get up at 4:00 in the morning, go to the field, walk through the corral full of manure, tie the cow's tail, hobble its legs, sit on a little stool, place the bucket and do the work yourself; drop by drop.

Cool analogy right?

I loved it!

First of all because it applies to those that are starting a business and need to put in the work every day to see results. Ans second, because it applies to the work we do every day to build our community and to build our stack on this amazing platform.

We show up everyday, we build relationships, we write good quality, thoughtful blog posts, we engage with community members and we talk about it on web2 social media, meetups and dinner tables.

Bear or bull-market, it doesn't matter.

We BUIDL... drop by drop.

And we shall continue to do so 'till the fat lady sings.

I've got a long-term vision on this blockchain and I know I'm certainly in for the next few years.

Put in the work.

Show up every day.

'cause there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, lions 🦁

What about you? Are you willing to do what it takes?

Promod Batra (who was born on the same day as me; Oct 15th) was a businessman and author of several management books such as Born to Win

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This is awesome bro, I learnt alot. Thanks for sharing

Hey there!

Maybe not a lot, but I hopefully you can find some motivation to put in the work to achieve success.

Stay awesome my friend!

Thank you so much

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