Financial Politics: Money Talks and Bullshit Walks

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Blackrock owns...

Hm, yeah... but they don't though, do they?

Blackrock doesn't own shit. Blackrock is a hedge fund designed to preserve wealth. That is all.

Does Blackrock have "woke" score ratings?


BlackRock’s ‘No. 1’ goal in ‘woke’ investing: Huge ESG-funds haul

The $9 trillion investing monster run by Larry Fink may be the most powerful financial firm in the world because it holds shares in large doses of so many big companies and thus can ­direct corporate policy.

So yeah, while Blackrock doesn't actually own anything, they can dangle money in front of corporations and be like, "Do what we say and you can have it! Jump for me, monkey!" So who is to blame in this situation? Blackrock, the corporations that bend over backwards to meet their demands, or both?

Perhaps no one is to blame. Perhaps this is just the way our system works, and we need to focus less on blame and more on rebuilding this pile of trash from the ground up.

In short, Fink will look like a darl­ing to Democratic politicians, he’ll get a lot of left-leaning rich people to put cash in what they feel are “moral” stocks — and he’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

dumb money.jpg

Again, this is all about the money.

ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) investing isn't about saving the world and making it a better place. It's about virtue signaling and demanding that the peasants give the elite more power.

Global Climate Change and pollution are the moral dilemma of our generation!

Yeah, that very well may be, but the subtext is far more sinister than that.

Give us power so we can fix this crisis and we promise to give it back later.

Yeah, gee, I think I've heard that one before about a dozen times. How often does the power get given back? Look no further than Social Security to see that once debt is issued it never gets paid back. The masses subsidize this failed system and are then bombarded with propaganda asking for more while telling us all how good the system works. Most people fall for it. That's why they keep employing the same obvious strategies: because they work.


The interesting thing about business and economics is that it constantly walks the razor's edge. Take away 10% of the revenue of a corporation and all of a sudden they've gone from being in the green to being in the red. There are many examples of boycotts and people essentially voting with their money that has changed corporate policy.

There's a reason I don't eat at Chick-Fil-A...

In June 2012, following a series of public comments opposing same-sex marriage by Dan T. Cathy, Chick-fil-A's chief executive officer, related issues have arisen between the international fast food restaurant and the LGBT community. This followed reports that Chick-fil-A's charitable endeavor, the S. Truett Cathy-operated WinShape Foundation, had donated millions of dollars to organizations seen by LGBT activists as hostile to LGBT rights. Activists called for protests and boycotts, while supporters of the restaurant chain and opponents of same-sex marriage ate there in support of the restaurant. National political figures both for and against the actions spoke out and some business partners severed ties with the chain.

I mean yeah there's a reason I don't eat at Chick-Fil-A, and the reason is that fast food is toxic hammered dogshit. However, the reason my girlfriend doesn't eat there is this one. Stuff like this happens all the time. A corporation will do something that people don't like and so they get canceled or boycotted or whatever you want to call it.

The outcome of the initial controversy was mixed, as Chick-fil-A's sales rose twelve percent to $4.6 billion in the period immediately following the controversy; this was largely attributed to former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee's counter-boycott launched in support of the restaurant. However, the company's public image and standing with the LGBT community was damaged, with the chain facing criticism and condemnation from politicians and gay rights activists, as well as efforts by activists and political officials to ban the restaurant from college campuses, airports, and elsewhere. Chick-fil-A released a statement in July 2012 stating, "Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena."[1] In March 2014, tax filings for 2012 showed the group stopped funding all but one organization which had been previously criticized, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

So they made money but pulled their funding, so weird.

Stuff like this happens all the time, and it's good to point it out because voting with our money is far more effective than this stilly one-person-one-vote "democracy" thing we have going on.

In fact, money spent on manipulating public opinion is exactly how one-to-one voting got hacked into oblivion. This is a numbers game, boys and girls. If you can spend a couple million dollars to flip 5% of the population, you win. Democracy hacked cheap.

This is why I'm such a big fan of DPOS.

We are forging ahead and cutting out the middle man. Money votes directly. This would have been a horrific outcome if the people on Hive were forced to be here, but they aren't. These are opt-in systems of government with healthy incentives to compete within the attention economy. Anyone can (and many do) simply fork the code to create their own version. We've yet to see any superior options pop up, and there's a damn good reason for that. Distribution is harder than it looks.


Voting with one's money is nothing new, but crypto is bringing it to a whole other level. Imagine being able to invest in "America". Imagine if the politicians actually worked for you. Imagine any gains made by your country would be properly shared with you based on this financial contribution.

That's essentially what we have going on for us on Hive right now. What happens when a politician fucks up? They get kicked to the curb IMMEDIATELY, not 4 years down the road. Crypto moves at the speed of light compared to these legacy tortoises.

And as for these woke hedge fund investment scores and whatever else... I wouldn't worry too much about them just yet. We've yet to see the backlash from all this. IMO there's no way Biden can win the next presidential election. Even the people who voted him in are over it at this point.


The political landscape right now is fishtailing hard and a huge wedge is being thrust between the two vying political parties. Best to step away from the children's table of politics and focus on what really matters.


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Very interesting all your content, here the big companies only manipulate the government to obtain benefits and take the competition out of the markets but over there it seems that over there there is always a bigger fish lurking around

Correct me if I'm wrong, but, if money votes directly, it is still the same system as of now. It just stops being sugarcoated in "democracy". We still gonna be minnows against "Elons".

It's the same on hive as well, except for some reason people on Hive are continuing to sugar coat it ;)

You're opinion doesn't really count because of the massive conflict of interest.
The old guard on Hive has been downvoting your entire tribe to zero for years.
That's not going to lead to any kind of objective opinion.

Actually, they have only downvoted maybe 3 or 4 posters in #informationwar or #deepdives out of the hundreds who use the tag on a monthly basis. Theres something like a few thousand people who have used the tags over the lifetime of the tags existing(about 4 years).

Most posts are completely untouched if you look through.

I would never dream of saying I am completely objective ;)

It is the result of having an objective opinion where oligarchs intend for you to have their subjective opinion. Sooner or later we all have an objective opinion, when the money dries up, or we are clutching our chest and dying. All the bullshit suddenly no longer matters.

The truth is it never did.

On Hive when someone buys governance everyone wins.

Meanwhile, in the legacy economy when someone pays for propaganda who wins?
The central bank, the entity that bought the propaganda, and the entity that issued the propaganda.
Central banking is a closed system, and DPOS is not, because Hive is the central bank.

On Hive when someone buys governance everyone wins.

I think Justin Sun would disagree, he didn't win! lol

Thanks for proving my point for me? :D

ya, im goofing round lol. I like to troll and goof a bit!

On Hive when someone buys governance everyone wins.

That is a fallacy, disproved by Sun Yuchen. The problem is that until oligarchical collusion is obvious, or a Sun Yuchen comes on the scene, it appears to be beneficial.

It is why oligarchical collusion is cryptic on Hive.

If it is not rectified, Hive is a temporary platform. Only the information that is gained by them using it will survive it. That is how I use it, and how I recommend it be used.

The rich can't win against all the minnows... that's why shaping public opinion is so important for them.

Billions and billions of dollars in propaganda...
it's amazing that people think the mob has no power.

How much Hive does Elon own?

If Elon comes and buy Hive and then tries to mess with the governance, what happens?
We all get rich and then fork to a new network, just like last time.

Money voting directly isn't even close to what we have now.

When someone stacks USD, what happens?
Central bank wins.

When someone stacks Hive, what happens?
Everyone on Hive wins.

The government on Hive is also the central bank.

The Federal Reserve is a private banks.

These two systems are nothing alike.

Check this one out by Jimmy Dore.

First 30 seconds is all you need to listen to.

"Brought to you by Pfizer" lol, you'll love this.


This comment, brought to you by Pfizer! hehe

Honestly I'm surprised that a Trump or a Coca Cola hasn't bought up millions of HIVE, powered up and then upvoted everyone that says something nice about them. They'd get so much content created on their behalf. I mean, they could upvote forever...

I guess the only reason it hasn't happened is HIVE is too insular or Hive posts don't Google well enough...

Greenwashing is so aggravating. Companies calling themselves Net-Zero or 'Aiming for Net-Zero' but in the fine print they're relying on carbon capture technologies that aren't available yet. Such a scam.

I mean, they could upvote forever...

Even more relevant is the yield farming of bandwidth via RCs until the end of time.
This will become more obvious as blocks fill up.

Money matters quite a lot and I am not surprised since people are so politically divided. The new media organizations don't help and our politicians are bought out by the lobbyists. I don't think Biden can win again if he tries to run again either. After all, most of the things he promised has not happened and people are not happy with the current adminstration.

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I'm just keep telling myself why have u not know about this for long....but is never to late to start

Buidl... haha great set up. I'll look to see what buidl is. I haven't heard of it yet...but I'm new. It's interesting...he's been president for only 1 year...almost.

I love America. I'm biased, possibly, but there seem to be a whole lot of people who love America. It'll be interesting to see what Americans decide in the coming years.

As for Hive-Great point! I love that we all have a say in one way or another on how we want this system to go. Want great content? Write great content. Curate great content. Want great games? Invest in the ones that do make it on scene so that when others see the success of the first ones, they'll feel compelled to join in and make even better games, causing a domino effect, if you will.

Hive has created a great way for people to take their lives back into some normalcy and gain some more control of their financial futures. Thanks for sharing!

It was interesting reading your viewpoints and yeah I do believe ones stake into something should be reflected through their votes, but one day I hope well at least in the social sector at large that it isn't all just purely monetization, but social capital = the votes. Maybe in cities or countries the ones that actually do a ton of volunteer services, charities, or proactive events to move the human race forward are the ones with a more weighted vote. This is a great step though and although I am still rather new to hive I cannot wait to see how this platform develops in the years to come.