My Experience Using Wallet Application For A Week And How It Helped Me Financially.

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In this post, i wanna share my personal experience using wallet for a week.
As my 2021 resolutions are to be more mindful about spending and live a minimalist lifestyle, i decided to start download an application that can help me track my spending.
I downloaded bunch of them in the same time to see which one is the most comfortable to use.
In the end, i choose this one because its pretty easy to use.

I think its really important to watch our spending because maybe we thought we’re doing good but in fact, we spent a lot of money without realizing them.
With application like wallet, we can see where all of our money going to, and be mindful to cut some things we dont really need so we dont make the same mistake as before.

I planned to test it out for a week first to see how my spending going.
And since i already have this application, i already became mindful about what i should spending my money on.
I dont have any take out for a week, i dont order food online and such.
My spending on food are so minimum that im so proud of myself.
I thought that i reached my goal, but is it really what happened?
Lets see...


Then i realized, I actually spent this much money just in 7 days.
I was shocked.
I try to live as frugally as possible.
Though some spending in this case is pretty reasonable.

Lets check where all my money going this week first:



  • 13 January with 210.000 idr.
    That is a must since its a skincare for my face which is my face cleanser and my night cream.
    Though it might look a lot, its only 10 % if what i used to spent on those things.
    Nowadays i kept my skincare really simple and only bug when its needed.
  • 15 January with 804.000 idr.
    I skipped spending anything in 14 January and started again in 15th.
    I spent 669.000 idr to clothes which is a bit much but in my mind, i already try to shop as mindful as possible.
    The 69.000 out of them are from the thrift shop and the 600.000 idr is a blazer that i bought from Mango is half the price, so its a discount price.
    The 135.000 idr i spent on Tiff Body, Tiff Body is a body scrub that i really love. I try few cheaper option of body scrub that cost only 10% if what Tiff Body price are but the price cant lie, the result are worldly different.
    So i gave up and ended up coming back to Tiff Body.
  • 16 January with 70.000 idr.
    I purchased another things from thrift shop.

  • ***17 January *** with 20.000 idr.
    I went to my friend’s house in Sunday and we bought food and snacks and i ended up spending 20.000 idr.
    Its not a lot at all and i even had good time with my friends so i m satisfied with the spending.

  • 18 January with 2.000.000 idr.
    This might be the biggest spending because i bought my mom’s birthday gift on that day.
    Well, mother is mother and there will be no way any money is worthy enough for the life and the love my mother gave me so im not upset with this one.
    Actually i even happy whenever i m able to buy something to my mother and my other family member.
    This is big, but acceptable.

  • *** 19 January*** with 300.000 idr.
    This is today and this is still 11.57 am when i write this post.
    I dont know how my day ended up but i wish that i will not spend any money again today.
    I spend all the money today to clothes.
    Its another thrifting shop.

My Review

So, this week is quite surprising because i spent a lot of money in clothes other than my mom’s birthday gift.
But in my offense, i try to thrift shopping so i spent less money on new clothes.
Though its really less money.
Its seems like i should stop my shopping for this month to this day only.
And if i wanna continue, i must continue next month.
So guys, dont trust thrift shopping so much, it can sucks your money too since you thought that “oh its cheap only 2 dollar” but you ended up bought 100 of them.
Its a trap.
But im happy that i spend so little money on food and always just eat at home so i dont spend money.
I spend nothing on transportation since i either walk or took my motorbike to go somewhere.
Im not the best this week but since I realized my mistake i believe that i can do better in the following week.
Im so excited to see how my weekly reports will looks like next week.

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