The Reason Why I Stop Buying Gold Jewelry And Move To Silver Is To Investing.

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Hello dear..
In this post, i wanna share about my thoughts about my jewelry choice lately.
Before, like my other friends, i always go crazy with gold.
I think gold is the better jewelry choice for someone because we can use it as both jewelry and investment.
Thats so practical, and preferable choice for many ladies.
Its 100 % correct and i am in no way say thats not a good thing.
But there’s no way i am ready to dip into the gold world any further now.
My first few jewelry that i bought when i start making money is obviously gold.
At the time, i was tired of using copper rings, necklace, earrings, bracelets.
When i got money, i get myself a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet made of gold immediately.
When you start wearing gold, i dont know if its mindset or what but the copper looks ugly next to it.
So i ended up throwing out all of my copper jewelry.
And it left me with very few gold jewelry.
I am someone that really love fashion, so when i saw myself cant change what i wear on my body and just keep wearing the same thing over and over again, i felt frustrated.
At the time, i was thinking that i have money so i ended up buying more gold jewelry.

But, lately since my mind more opened up.
My head became clearer.
My goal became visible.
I realized that i am not ready to dip in gold world.
Because the money that i spent on the gold jewelry might serve as investment especially in the future, but i should realize that its faster to invest in other places like for example, crypto.
My 200 dollar worth of gold might worth 300 dollar in 2 years but my 200 dollar worth of asset might worth 300 dollar in 2 weeks.
Though there’s a chance that it will worth 20 dollar too in 2 weeks if we’re investing in crypto.
But, i want to take a chance rather than be too safe and get less.
I mean, im not rich yet so i cant afford to be slow and investing all of mg money in slow moving investment.

But, i am a fashion lover person, so how i solved my problem if i cant keep buying new gold jewelry?
One of my friend telling me this very good solution.
That is to just buy jewelry made of silver.

So whats the positive point of getting a silver?

  • I can buy 15 pcs silver jewelry for 1 pcs gold jewelry. The price difference is so high.
  • I can resell the jewelry to the store for good with very low deduction fee of 5.000 idr per gram ( $ 0.36 ). For example if i buy a ring for 5 dollar, i can sell it for 4.64 dollar.
  • Like gold, it will never rust.

So whats the negative point of getting a silver?

  • The jewelry is not as shining as gold. We need to wash them to the jewelry store every half a year to one year to make it more shining. The cost of washing them is usually 10.000 idr which is 0.72 cents. This happens to with gold but gold usually will stay shining for almost double the time of silver.
  • Not every jewelry store accepting selling silver, so the choice is more limited than the gold.

Now, i wanna show you what i got for myself yesterday:


This is the name of the store.
Its Tiara Jaya.
This is not my first time here since i bought few silver pieces from them already and i went there to accompany my friends a lot too.
The store is very small but they have the best customer service.
The owner is very flexible with the payment and we can actually order their product by whatsapp.
Other than selling what they have in the store, we can do custom jewelry products too with them and they give such a good price.


This is some of their silver ring collection.
They’re selling gold and silver in the store.
We basically can get whatever we want there.


This is the receipt of my purchase, its 106.000 idr ( 7,58 usd) for 2,66 gr of silver ring.
If i buy them in gold if will cost 200 usd for the ring.


This is the ring.
Its pretty cute.
I will buy more rings and earrings in the future from them.

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