Making Bank and Brewing Beer in dCity

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The city-building adventure continues! And it's going pretty smooth. Or at least I think it is. Even if it's not, it's still fun and the excitement when pulling a new card can be addicting. So I decided to invest some extra Hive I had left. This is what my city looks like right now.


At the start of the "upgrade", I foolishly decided to purchase 3 cards right before the dreaded fork. This was a bad idea as the transaction went through, but I didn't get the cards themselves. Thankfully, after asking for support on the dCity Discord, it got resolved in a matter of minutes. So it's safe to say the game has very good and friendly support, unlike some other games on Hive that have recently been nerfed..

When the fork had passed I restarted my upgrade and immediately lucked out I think. The first card was a bank, doubling my income on the spot to around 70. Then I decided to start going for second generation cards. The next lucky ones were probably the beer brewery and the casino in terms of more income and more alcohol. There were also a bunch of parks, wind turbines, an ad agency, a forest and an art gallery. That garbage dump will be reversing the popularity in no time.


I also got myself a research center, so I can now discover those technologies.

After all that, my income now rests at a solid 135 SIM, which would/will be much higher when that cursed war tax disappears. Population is also growing at a healthy rate, placing me in the top 500, soon to be 400. The increasing crime rate is worrying though. My goal now is to increase my income to at least 800 so I can purchase a card daily if needed without touching other assets. For now I will assist those purchases with Hive engine earnings. Seems like a solid plan.

If you're interested in building your own dCity, hop over to and get started.

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That's a really great city !
Do you know how much Beer does the brewery give daily ?

Thanks! The brewery has given me 0.011 BEER a day ever since I got it.
Not much when you have just one, but better than nothing.

Yes ! And it also have a SIM income 😃
Thanks !