Hive is Legal to Trade in Indonesia Now

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It’s a great news for Hive users in Indonesia as the government has mentioned Hive is legal to trade in the country. Hive is among 229 legal cryptocurrencies in Indonesia since Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) issued Regulation of the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Perba) Number 7 concerning Determination of List of Crypto Asset Tradable in the Physical Crypto Asset Market a few days ago.

As one of Hive user in Indonesia, I am absolutely happy with this new regulation. And now I have no doubt at all to invest in Hive and promote Hive Blockchain to my friends and family.


“With the issuance of the Bappebti regulation, it is hoped that physical trading of crypto assets in Indonesia will be able to provide legal certainty as well as protection for people who transact physical crypto assets in Indonesia,” said Head of Bappebti Sidharta Utama in his official statement.Source

It’s now the perfect moment to promote Hive in Indonesia to attract more users. The population of Indonesia is about 270 million people. If 1% of the population join Hive decentralized social media platform, it will be so great and it started to be mass adopted. Honestly, I am much more optimistic to dive deeper in the Hive Blockchain.

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This is great. I didn't realize that crypto was legal in Indonesia. If I remember correctly, the HIVE block chain can handle 10x the current traffic so I hope we will gain more users.

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Yeah, crypto is legal in Indonesia. We have Indodax, as the leading digital asset exchange. After the Gov released the regulation, we have no doubt at all in investing in Crypto, especially the cryptoes among 229 legal cryptoes in Indonesia, including Hive..

And I believe we will have many more users in near future.

Wow, that's actually awesome!

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Yes, it’s really great news..

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