Inflation Proofing through the Land....

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One of the reasons I bought 2.5 HA of land in Portugal is so I can take care of said land and use it to produce food, firewood, fodder and building materials for myself, and to store water for my own use too.


The recent news about the entirely anticipated increase in inflation caused by a combination of money printing and a supply chain crunch has given me a renewed impetus to get the fuck on with getting my land productive so I can produce as much as I can myself, thus reducing my dependence on the fiat economy.

Now I know that 2.5 HA of land in this part of the world isn’t enough land to be self-sufficient, there simply isn’t enough of it to be able to meet all of my needs - especially not for firewood, or for producing fodder for any animals I might buy in the future (defo chickens, maybe goats), and of course there is a WHOLE LOAD OF STUFF that I need that I just can’t grow, or mine, on my land - all the various metals I need for example, glass for storing, the odd bit of plastic (I’m a bad man I know), and being realistic I’m not going to grow my own clothes or soap either.

HOWEVER I can get some of the way towards being self-sufficient, and the aim is to be self-sufficient-ish, it was only ever to be self-sufficient-ish, total self-sufficiency would just be grim, as it’s just so much easier to specialise in a few things and trade those, allowing other people to specialise in other things, whether that trade is barter or via a more universal medium of exchange!

Focussing on the basics….

Personally I want to focus on the basics - food, water, firewood, and of course soil-building as everything basically comes down to the later, well not water, but after that!

In terms of the later, soil building - one word springs to mind - TREES - and with that, lots of diversity. Thankfully, I’m well ahead of the game here - my land has LOTs, and even if they’re not quite the type I want, I’ve got enough tree coverage to produce lots of mulch which is what I want, and where there aren’t trees I’ve got plenty of pioneer plants in place: Broom, Cistus, Lavender mainly - which I’m only selectively clearing out to give a bit more light to the young trees therein.

I said above that I don’t have enough land to produce my own firewood, but that’s only because I’m intending to replace some of the pine and eucalyptus I’ve got with Oaks, Chestnuts, Strawberry Trees, and others I’ve yet to learn about, the later aren’t Firewood trees, but even then I’m keeping some pine, and euc, and I’ll have enough for at leat a couple of months of the year, which is something.

Food is where I think I can make a real move towards being self-sufficient, at least in terms of fresh vegetables and fruit.

I’m already sorted for oil, I should get at least 30 litres of olive oil even in the worst of years, and that’s MASSIVE - something to trade, but I’ll have to wait a few years until my other fruit and especially nut trees come online, but at least I got some in this year.

Veg is easy, that’s just annual planting, which is kind around here, there’s plenty to grow all year round.

Eventually I’ll get some chickens, eggs at the very least, but I need a chicken coop and anti-fox fencing, and that involves concrete and block, being realistic, around the base of the fence - DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT!

Water is something I need to prioritise - I think I can get by with 4000 litres of storage in IBCs and pumping up from the well for a few years, but longer term I need to dig - heavy capital investment, but that should really transform the land - with 2000 CUBIC METRES of storage I’ve got planned.

Oh, and I need to finish off the house too of course, all in good time!

Final Thoughts

The theory in my brain-thing is crystal-clear, now I just need to convince my brain-thing to instruct my body to work on the land more than 3 hours a day, because I kNOW, I mean I KNOW that’s no where near enough time to do the physical labour required to make enough progress at sufficient pace to keep myself motivated, it’s probably barely enough time to just keep things tidy: 2.5 HA is A LOT of land!

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Yes, inflation and these dramatic rises in energy prices!

Great that you are getting motivated 😁

Cheers, I've got plenty of time!

Be realistic. Your project will fail. Way too much work and money for one person. Trees need decades to grow. You don't have enough time.

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Well I'm around for a few decades yet.

Thanks for the encouragement.

defo chickens

I don’t have personal experience with them, but more than once I’ve seen folks saying that quail have many advantages over chickens. Might be worth looking into.

Ah yes, quail do sound cool, maybe both!

now I just need to convince my brain-thing to instruct my body to work on the land more than 3 hours a day

😂 😂 😂

Got any pics of your house?


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Well nothing showing it in a better state than the last ones I put online!


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@revisesociology You are living an inspiring life! I always have this sort of idea to get some land with a simple place to live on it. And then figuring out how to live off it!

Do you know John Seymour’s books? Im sure you do, they have so much useful info on the things you are doing!

Also, depending on where you are in PT you might want to check out these guys:

My biggest hurdle to tackle before I could ever engage in such a project is figuring out a stable income remotely. How do you deal with that?

It took me 20 years of work to get here - income wise I run a blog online and make money by selling resources, it earns me plenty. I also have a house in the UK I rent, although that just covers the mortgage!

I'm aware of JS - but that's all a bit British, I think YouTube has taken over, and various blogs. I'll check out that link!


Bro, I wrote exactly about that yesterday...

(If you want to check)


Oh, you got me thinking, but I am more the kind of the garden guy, just veg and stuff, but back home, my dad had a 100 prune trees on some of our land, still there, 99 of them.

You mean plums? That's A LOT of plum trees!

You definitely have your work cut out for you and maybe concentrating on one project at a time will show the benefits that much quicker. Friends of mine planted nuts for Lindt as they are apparently looking for steady supply. That is 5 years though until the first harvest and can't remember what nuts they were lol. Will be watching with interest how you get on as this does hit home at some things I would like to do.

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Yes working on one project at a time is sound advice, I should listen to it!

I'm my own worst enemy, not being in any particular rush to do anything!

Don't forget the idea with paying slaves eco tourist, that can come and gather for you. When you have them, ask your neighbours if they need help with clearing off the wood they have and stuff you might need.

If they pay good enough, they can build the beds!

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Oh yes volunteers are a big thing around here!

I don't like to take the piss out of people though!

i agree need a food forest in my life... the cost of food is insane
and its also insanely difficult to get an allotment
going to have to take matters into my own hands

wishing u the best with your endevour

Allotments are just fantastic, hang on in there!

I applaud your initiave. I think we should all strive towards self-sufficiency. Always in relation to our current state. But with perseverance we can move mountains. Try growing citric trees and making fruit trees inserts. That way you can have any kind of fruit being produced all year non-stop.

Go out of the box too, there are amazing supplements like ormus or frequency therapies for plants that make you a believe in sci-fi.

I believe anything is possible. We just need to work constantly for it!


Hey cheers, I want to grow a lot of weird and wonderful health giving plants, for sure!


take some of your GAINZZZZ and invest in some helpers... support the local economy and all. You are after all the crypto hermit millionaire self sustainer dude with a massive beard

Oh I already have a couple of people lined up for specific tasks, don't worry!