Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 12 - #Jahm 02.22.2021 - 02.23.2021

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Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 12 - #Jahm 02.22.2021 - 02.23.2021.


Greetings to all!

Thanksgiving, on the calendar, is determined by one day a year, but this is fundamentally wrong.

Every day, there is a reason to thank someone, or say words of gratitude.

For example, I thank everyone every den who was skeptical about the #JAHM coin when it was going through hard times lol.

Yes, in many respects, thanks to skeptics, I became the whale #JAHM.

Perhaps you will say that I can afford to burn coins, because I have about two million, but you would also have the same number of coins if your faith were as strong as mine.

I'm just as glad I'm not alone in this. I am only one of the army of optimists).

By my actions, I have repeatedly proved the profitability of the course of my thoughts and decisions.

There is a parable about foolish virgins who had to wait for the bridegroom and keep oil for lamps in their vessels.

But, the foolish maidens fell asleep. They did not stock up on oil, and when the groom appeared on the doorstep, they were forced to run to the market to buy more oil.

They did not find oil on the market, it was already sold out.

They decided to return to the groom's house, but the doors were already closed.

Something like that, friends are waiting for you, soon, or not very soon.

I am in no hurry, but the price of the #JAHM coin will rise for many reasons.

One of them is that the coins started to burn.

Second, I stopped voting, giving more than one percent of the voting power.

In fact, in addition to burning coins, I also burn my votes, which is about 26,000 #JAHM coins per day.

There are other positive factors for the growth of the coin's value, but this is happening without my participation.

This is very simple math lol..

The time for submitting applications for participation in the competition has expired, the clock has struck 21:00 in Kiev.
Today, there are no contenders to win.
Nothing prevents stump from publishing this post.

Today we will see the burning #Jahm.

Author reward: 409.43638387 #JAHM

Curation reward: 179.79362112 #JAHM for aiovo/re-roninrelax-2021216t9856341z

I will burn 589,23000499 #JAHM coins!

Jahm Coin Burning Monitor: 4464.74841172 + 589,23000499 = 5053,97841671 Jahm.
In total, we sent 5053,97841671 #Jahm coins to the furnace.

You can see the confirmation of the transaction below.


All #Jahm coins I earn by voting for your comments and for this post will be on fire and sent to @null.

20210212184037 1.jpg

Competition rules:

  1. Submit a comment to this post and indicate the estimated cost of buying the #Jahm coin for tomorrow at 22:00 Kiev time.

  2. The bet is accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

  3. If your bet is closest to the result of that hour, you are the winner.
    Read about the idea of ​​the competition and the prize pool by following the link to the original post - Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

  4. If you become the winner of the competition, or one of its prize-winners, you undertake to burn at least 1 #Jahm coin, when you receive your reward.

  5. You can vote for this post, or not, at your discretion, but repost is required.

First place - 20% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Second place - 3x7% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

Third place - 7x3% of the strength of my vote #Jahm;

An incentive prize - 10x1% of the strength of my vote #Jahm

The power of my voice Jahm is 1,500,000 coins.

If, in the future, there are two contenders for the first place, or for any other place, I will flip a coin and decide, by elimination, who will take the highest mark.

As a result, you earn the #Jahm coin, which, gradually, due to burning, will begin to grow in value.

Read the competition rules on the first round page Thanksgiving Day - Crypto Coins Daily Prediction Contest - Round 1 - Jahm.

Please note, starting from today, that the submission of applications indicating the rates on the Jahm coin will be accepted until 21:00 Kiev time.

Guess the highest cost of the application for the purchase of the Jahm coin at 22:00, 02.24.2021.

I announce the Round 12 open!


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