Planet Auto Laptop kaput, installing a new power jack Lenovo Z50 70

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As you would expect we rely on tech quite a bit, cameras, gimbals and of course computers.


The camera is quite important but not quite as important as the 2 laptops we use Lenovo Z50 70 they have a decent i5 processor 16 gig ram and the latest Adobe Premier.

Now for some time the jack on my laptop had become somewhat loose, this was starting to concern me,the laptop is the key to what we do - it is used at least daily for editing one video or another.


Anyway, I went to plug in the power cable and it felt loose, then more alarmingly I realised the charge light wasn't coming on, this is not great.

I pulled out the cable had a look and realised something was missing not a clue what, however luckily we have second one after a quick look I realised there was an adapter missing.

I ripped the house apart even went through the Hoover or GTech and everything to see if it could find the adapter, no luck.


Annabelle then came up with a clever idea why don't we run my laptop just on battery for the time being, she would keep charging the batteries and we keep swapping them, not a bad idea.

However that wasn't enough for me I wanted my laptop back to the same way it was before it broke, therefore we started searching for cables, it wasn't long till we found them, priced from about £4 up to £12 depending on where you bought it.

I wanted a Lenovo one, so my laptop would not burst into flames one day we found a legit one, it took two days to get here.


Once it arrived I grabbed my screwdriver and my bits and put it on my knee and started stripping it down, I fitted a new screen to Annabelle's laptop about three or four months ago actually six months ago when you think about it.

I removed all the screws from the cover pulled off the cover to reveal the RAM, fan and the hard drive, I then stripped out the hard drive disconnected a BIOS battery or something similar then I removed the remaining screws which hold on the keyboard.


I then popped off the front and this revealed the motherboard and the power jack, now for some reason the back of the laptop decided to drop and sheared straight off the mounts, one of the hinges completely shot, I needed a new case, hmm not me, I decided it would be a better idea just to put a screw directly through the shell of the laptop, and it worked apart from having a spike in my leg which I have now covered in blue tack, but it works.

I removed the faulty jack, fitted the new one plugged in the power to see it was charging, perfect - I then put it all back together and tried starting it up, nothing.

This perplexed me, I started stripping it down again to find out what was happening, I realised that these laptops have a few ribbon connectors, these had been pulled out of their supporting adapters as soon as I touched it onto the terminal it started up immediately.

I started building back up the laptop and I now have a new Jack fully charging with a snug fit for the power cable on a laptop that I can now edit on again.


I've always done bits and bats with computers since going to college, this also means you can keep the cost down on things like video editing because nine times out of 10 you can repair whatever breaks down, the camera that's a different matter but you've always got the backup of iPhones with a gimbal, I also have built PCs over the years, which may have been a help.

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it is good that you like fixing things :D

It is isn't it, you learn by doing :)

Good work fixing it yourself 👍

Thank you, it's good to learn about things you use daily, that way you havea headsup if something should go.

Great to hear you've had it fixed. Those ribbon cables can be pretty tricky to work with, all the more fragile too! For such an old laptop, you've kept it in pretty great shape... Not a single speck of dust was seen :-)

I bought it brand new when Annabelle bought the new iPhone 7, that puts things into context :) it works well with Premiere and only slows with colour grading, stabilisation and chroma key work, thank you

Cheers! One's only ever as good as their machinery, so it's good have a capable computer to rely on :-)

it is indeed:)