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When we were singing its song in primary school many years ago, I was just singing along, I never knew I will one day find the object of our song so useful that I will not hesitate to become an advocate for it.


Pawpaw By Bon Vivant, Unsplash Edited By Me

Here goes the song

"Pawpaw is a kind of fruit
Pawpaw is a kind of fruit

Yellow like Fanta
Sweet like sugar

Everybody like pawpaw

You need to hear us sing and dance to this song during those days, you might just find yourself so eager to eat pawpaw on the spot.

Like I said I was just singing along. Then my puberty age started slipping in, with very wicked pimples on my face, yeah they were so wicked it nearly spoiled my fine face lol.😍

Some said it came with puberty stuff that it will leave on its own, then I wonder why most of my friends were not experiencing the same? But what do I know? they were adults, at first I believed what they said.

For a few years, I was still battling this devil on my face with no luck in finding the remedy.

If at all I was some kind of a very rich girl I might find some expensive product by visiting a dermatologist for a recommendation but that was a luxury I could not afford besides it was a bit difficult to find a good one around.
Aside from the money I know a lot of people that were moving from one product to another without success. Some even ended up with more complications on their facial skin.

After trying some facial products with no success not that expensive one of course I started researching natural home remedies for pimples that was when I came across an article that talked about how pawpaw is very effective in that aspect.

When I started using it for face masks together with turmeric powder before I took my bath three times a week, it not only solved my acne problem but as well removed the unwanted hair seriously growing in my lower jaw area. So if you ever want to try it never put it where you don't want the hair removed.

Aside apply the mask on my face I started to indulge myself in eating pawpaw more frequently. My skin started to glow differently for the very first time. My face begins to shine and is very smooth.

More of my findings show that pawpaw is one of the main ingredients of a lot of cosmetic companies due to it contains an enzyme called "papain which promotes healing of the skin and will also enhance the secretion of collagen when used topically for the skin. Collagen is a primary skin component that keeps the skin healthy and enhances skin elasticity." Source

This weekend engagement Concept has asked if I'm to choose either becoming a fruit or vegetable.

Fruits and vegetables
If you had to choose to be either a fruit or vegetable, which would you choose, what kind, and why? Do you think you'd make a good fruit or vegetable and if so what are your endearing qualities and why?*

If you have read this post to this point I think by now you already know my answer to the question above.

I will choose to become pawpaw without hesitation for its unique sweet taste, and the kind of good effect it has on people's well-being.

I will know that anyone who indulges in eating me will worry less about pimples, aging problems, and fresher skin. Also will have to even spend less compared to most of the beauty products out there that do not help in solving their problems.

And yes I will make good fruits, people just have to find out about my unique quality, eat me as often as they can, apply me on the face, and watch me do a great wonder to their skin. More also, I will be very considerate to the pocket and I can be found almost everywhere at an affordable price.

Lastly, my endearing qualities will be 'compared to other fruits I can pamper people's skin and enhance their look through my ability to solve one of the most face problems by everyone I.e, skin problems. It a very effective, simple, and affordable for every work and class of people. You just need to give me a chance and your story will never remain the same.

Since I'm talking about my skin most especially, my face. As someone that cares so much about her face, this will lead me to another question on the engagement concept.

The first thing
You’re in the shower or bath; what is the first part of yourself you wash and why? When you exit the shower or bath, what is the first thing you dry and why? Bonus points for your photos. 😇

I considered my face to be the most sensitive of my skin, so I usually start my washing from there and then proceed to the other part of my body. This is if I'm not putting shampoo on my hair, assuming I'm having a braid on. If not I start by washing my hair first, proceed to wash my face and the other part of my body.

photo-1515539000227-90f8a592d965.jpeg source

The first part I dry after the bath is my face as well, simply due to the sensitivity of that part. I felt it is more logical to prioritize my face first.

As for the bonus part, mama's rules won't just let me do it lol ☺

You see? Feel free to call me a pawpaw advocate, thank you very much, and see you some other time 🥰


I was craving pawpaw a few days ago. I haven't had it in over two years. Top tier fruit, understandable why you'd want to be one.

You should eat more pawpaw it is great for your skin.


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