My Hobby And I

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Hello friends, welcome back to my page and a big thank you to @galenkp for giving us another beautiful weekend topic to talk about.

Come on guys, let me take you on this sweet ride.


Tell us what your hobby is, why you enjoy it, how you do it and what you need to make it happen, what's involved, how it makes you feel when engaging with it or anything else you'd like to share about it.

It all started a very long time ago, I was around 15 years of age and I got serious infection on the lower part of my waist.

My parents tried so many medications on me but the infection won't just go away, it hurts so bad that I will cry myself to sleep every night until two weeks later a family friend of ours prescribed one herbal root to us.

He told us to cut the root, grind it and add it to a local black soap and use it for my bathing.

Reluctantly, we gave it a try and just after five days all the wounds and pains were all gone.

I was woow! This raised my interest in natural medicine. I grew up in the farm, so I had access to different kinds of medicinal herbs and roots.

I wanted to know more about herbs so anytime an elderly person speaks of herb I will pay attention and take notice of it and its usefulness.

My plan was to study medicine after my secondary school but due to fund my parent could not afford it, I went for statistics instead.

But I always kept my hobby as a natural medicine researcher alive. Three years into my higher institutions I discovered a remedy to heal my ulcer of over five years, and so far I have used my discovery to help in treating over twenty people of their ulcer with permanent cure. I do charge around $10 dollar for it.


My Ulcer Remedy

I could charge more but I don't want to, because most ulcer patients are low income earners.

One day I saw a woman with long and shiny healthy looking hair while I was buying food ingredients at a local food market. She was whispering to another woman about how she use coconut oil to get the great hair she was carrying. Our hot sun and some time nutrition here in Nigeria use to affect our hair to break a lot, so when we see a nice hair we are always wow and curious.


Sadly, before I could get a chance to ask her some questions regarding that, she was already gone but I already picked the most important aspect of her talk.

So, few days later I gave coconut oil a try. The first one I made came out not great, so I researched more on google about the process and found a better way to prepare an amazing fresh coconut oil.

I learnt I could infuse a dried avocado nut and carrot inside the coconut oil. Prior to this discovery my hair was suffering some breakage and loses and I already got tired of using different kind of hair products.

I started using this oil and my hair came back stronger, longer and shining just like the woman I saw in the local food market. Isn't this just amazing? I Cherish my hair a lot and the breakage was already giving me a concern but my hobby saved my hair again.

I enjoy this part of me a lot; trying to formulate a new and very helpful recipe to solve one or more of human health or beauty problems.

Doing this, I found a way to get rid of my stubborn pimples just by grinding a slice of cut from pawpaw, mix it with one spoonful of tumeric powder to form a face mask paste.

This works like magic. Just use it like four times in a week and your face will become fresh and younger.

My hobby has paid off a lot more than I would have thought and my recipe discovery journey continues.

Feel free to ask me any question regarding this post, I will be glad to hear from you.

Much Love From @funshee


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I think we have a doctor in the house, I am presently coughing and I don’t want to use cough syrup because of my assignments and projects, so as not to sleep off, any idea of the natural things I could use

When it come to cough, try and get original honey, mix three spoonful of the honey with three spoonful of lime. Take it in the morning, repeat this afternoon and night and you will forget you ever experience cough.

It work like magic and unlike cough syrups it does not make one sleep.

Sorry about your cough, stay strong and safe, this weather is spreading cough everywhere.

Thanks for that, I appreciate.

Exactly, the weather is just too hatch