Theinkwell fiction challenge | Murderer - Haven't you learned by now - short story by Seadbeady

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Hi There..... Do you like short stories?

I sure hope so..... Because I really can't help myself..... Weird things happen to me sometimes..... I am not always in full control..... There is some outer source that drives me from time to time..... It is called..... The brain 😂

My story is somewhat based on the most recent developments here in Belgium..... We are having our second Corona wave and they have strengthened the rules..... No more fun shopping..... You are supposed to go shop on your own and the maximum time is half an hour..... I was talking about it to my physiotherapist when my mind started spinning..... And this is the result 😁

Colourful Mask.jpg

Murderer - Haven't you learned by now - short story by Seadbeady 😍

Seadbeady had been restless all morning..... She just needed to go out.
'Mom'..... 'Yes Darling'..... 'I really need to go. I just can't take it any longer. I am fed up with this lockdown. If I don't get out today I swear my head is gonna explode'..... 'Come on dear, you know it's dangerous out there'..... 'I know mom but I'm bored stiff. I am going and that's final'

She took her bike out and put on her mask, and off she went to the center.....Halfway she had to stop to get the damp of her glasses

'Darn'..... She said..... 'I forgot to put on the shaving cream'

The shaving cream would have kept her glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask..... She left her bike in the cycle parking and hurried to the Shopping Mall..... Seadbeady didn't lose time window shopping..... She went straight to her favorite store..... It shocked her that some elderly people were chatting in the middle of her path..... They were not wearing their masks properly..... She wanted to avoid coming too close to them

'Really'..... She thought..... 'Murderer - Haven't you learned by now'

But she didn't let it get to her..... She was determined to get herself that new outfit she needed..... So she took a basket and a timer and popped into the shop..... There were so many cute outfits in this new collection that she completely lost track of time..... She finally decided to go and fit some things

'Ok'..... She thought..... 'First I am gonna try on this gorgeous pink T-shirt and if I am lucky it will be a perfect match to this white skirt'

She had been so preoccupied that at first, she hadn't even noticed her timer going off..... It made an unbearable sound

'Oh My God'..... 'No'..... 'Not now'..... 'I haven't even tried on my skirt'

She promptly put everything back in her basket and rushed out of the fitting booth..... As she looked up she noticed all the people around eyeballing her

'Did she take up all her time'..... She overheard an old lady asking her husband..... 'I think so'..... He replied..... 'The Youth of today'..... 'Murderer - Haven't you learned by now'

The end 😀

Oh yes, and if you feel that you have the same urge coming up..... Just head on to this contest by @theinkwell

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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A real predicament you got yourself into. We chide others for doing wrong. Then when we get caught in that same predicament, we have to rethink things a bit. Nice story and so true.

Thanks for sharing.

Tx so much - I loved writing it - nice to hear that you enjoyed it :)

Very real that friendly story @seadbeadys and very current. I could see your face at last friend, a pleasure.

I was inspired by reality lol - tx for reading :)

We got a lot of murderers on the streets nowadays hehe

indeed we do haha - tx for reading :)

Well written -- how often we do what we chide others for -- even when the cost is life!

Indeed - I felt it to be a fun twist in my story - tx :)

Great little story, and so topical! I love how her own thoughts turned on her when she heard them emerge out of the mouths of others. People really do tend to judge others, even if they are not saints themselves!

Thank you so much for the nice compliment :)