Assembling Beehives Part 1

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Over the summer time, I assembled two beehives to accommodate my upcoming honey bees. I bought the sides, backings, top, foundation and everything else to assemble the boxes.

I organize the pieces and get to building them, using a brad gun and long nails I add nails to each of the pre drilled holes. As I go about building it I make sure its square and there is as little gap as possible. Its not a big deal if there are some, ill fill them in with many layers of paint after assembly. The boards fit together using a fingered design, making it very easy to assemble. It was pretty much a breeze putting these together. I was worried they would not be square and such, but I remember bees will fill in spaces using something called propolis so I am not worried about them being perfect. The bees will hopefully finish whatever I missed in the homes.

Each beehive has five major parts to it:

  • The base, including the landing pad for the bees. Everything is built on top of it.

  • The super that holds eight trays. This is where the bees will live.

  • The trays the bees will build wax on and eventually brood and honey. I use foundation trays every other tray to stop the bees from building across multiple trays.

  • The feeding box. I add sugar water to this part, and during the winter they get straight sugar. This box is only accessible through the super, meaning only one way to enter and exit the bee hive. That makes it easier for the bees to guard their hive.

  • The roof, which goes over top of the feeder box, its sheet metal and encloses the top most box.

Assembly is only needed for the super and feeder box, but it is important to notice what side the handles are on. I asked Barnyard Bees, where I got these from what are common mistakes people make while assembling these boxes. They said people sometimes forget to put the handles on the outside of the box. So I was mindful of this and made sure all the handles were facing out.
Link to the beehive supplies, I got mine from there.

In part two of this video I will build the second box, its going to be mostly the same thing. But I am a little quicker on the second box as I get the hang of the first one.

After building these boxes, I apply three to four coats of paint. The two boxes are slightly different colors, to help me remember which one is which. And hopefully the bees will notice too. They are both a white gray color. I did not record the painting as it was over many days with every coat that needed to dry. Hoping the paint will last a decade or longer, time will tell.

LBRY Video Link

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places.



Great start into your bee keeper life! I would looooove to see the video on instead of lbry but anyways I'm going to watch it :D

Hah thanks, yeah just the start but hopefully all this turns into something pretty awesome.

I used to use but its stability was too much of an issue. Along with videos stop working after while. I ran a dtube node for while working with @onelovedtube and by using my server as a mirror I could provide stable playback to my own videos and others in the discord. But it eventually stopped working so I stopped the server and now use LBRY along with my stake on the platform to bring more attention to my content.

LBRY works alot better

Your support was appreciated ❤️

It was a satisfying process even if it might seem a little stressful. The paint coating process is really good. So you spoke of having the handle on the outside rather than on the inside? Why do people make this mistake? And why is it important not to?

Ah sorry I missed this comment, people put the handles on the wrong side by accident. Its easy to reverse without noticing. So glad the bee supplies place mentioned that to me.

Hahah such an accident that would be, I quite think this little details can be neglected

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