I Make Toys ~ How I made My Teddy Bear (Step by step)

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What's up Bees?
Finally, I have been able to come up with something to spice up this community.
When I subscribed to this community, I was a little sad and worried because I had discarded all my childhood toys and the rules of the community were to share your toys, your personal toy, anything you play with.

Being a girl, my favorite toy has always been a teddy bear. I can't do without one, it's been my favorite since childhood. I even had it as my keyholder back then in school. I used to use every small change and money given to me by my parents, uncles, and aunties to buy a teddy bear.
I had a lot of them but I gave them out after we moved out of our old house. I knew I just had to discard my old toys.

So after seeing this community #toysonhive, I was a little sad because I had no toys with me anymore, but I did promise to start buying myself some toys again so that I can be participating and sharing them here. But then a thought came into my mind, why buy toys when you can actually make them yourself? Yes I am a little skillful with crafting, knitting, beading, and sewing, etc. So I decided I was going to make myself a teddy bear which happens to be my favorite and then share it with you guys.

Now here I am with my favorite toy made by me. I am not just sharing my toys here on hive but I am also using this medium to teach you how to make them all by yourself.
I will show you all the steps and processes and then if you want to, you can also try it out at home

Steps And Processes

Step 1

  • Roll out the wool and wrap it in any container of your choice.
    Wrap it till it reaches a certain amount you want.

Step 2

  • Unwrap the wool from the container and tie it up at the center.



Step 3

  • After unwrapping and tiring it at the middle, you cut out the open edges leaving the rope tied at that middle.

Step 4

  • Then you start trimming out the rough edges and make it level, trim out the longer ones and level it.


  • These are the result of the trimming




Step 5

  • Repeat the process until all the parts of the teddy bear is gotten and well-trimmed


Step 6

  • This is where we start sewing. Joining the parts together. We start with the upper side of the body.

Step 7

  • We go ahead to attach its ears to the body and then sew them.

Step 8

  • Continue till you attach and sew the ears, hands, legs, and tail.

Step 9

  • After attaching all those parts, you trim it well and make it fine and smooth

Step Ten

  • You fix the eyes and nose using black beads. You can use other black substances to improvise but I used beads because that was what was available.


And that is it; boom! The final result of my homemade teddy bear


Weren't that steps just easy and simple to follow? Trust me it is and you can give it a try.
I hope you like my work today. Share with me what you think about this. Can I do more toys and share them with you guys?

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Wow! @zanoz this is ingenious! Instead of buying toys, you just made yourself one. This teddy bear is lovely. I too had them when I was a child, now I'm all grown but still miss them. I had a keyholder of a teddy once but it's worn out now. Well done! 🙂

Thank you KemmyB. Yes I thought of doing this and I must say, I love teddy bears so very much.
I just places this one at the side of my bed😂🤭 I am still a baby 😂

Manually curated by goldendawne from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! @goldendawne

So cute and so creative! I can almost hear Nd imagine you saying, "and that's it.. boom!" I admire those who are good with needlework. Love it.

😂🤭 I wonder how I sounded in your ears lol.
I know needleworks and I will be sharing some of my works as time goes on, just that I am sometimes lazy lol. Thank you so much for stopping by. Its been a while

Up to step 8 I was still thinking mmmm.... Then step 9 yes that's starting to look like a teddy bear, and once you added the eyes and nose it was a real cutie!

Bring on more toys please!!

😂😂😂 I am glad you had a bit more patient to see where all this was heading to.
I will surely do! Thanks

Ahii was beautiful, the first impression I had was of surprise because I thought it was a painted pooder dog.

I mean a real dog, I saw it just like that, then I read the title and the surprise went away.

You did a good job, you do have manual skills. Congratulations. @zanoz

Lol, really? I am pleased to have surprised you lol. Thank you so much dear, I just love doing stuff like this

Woww... I just can't seem to get enough of you and your creativity but most importantly, I'm very impressed to see the adventurous nature that you possess because that is one of the things that is pushing you to try out different things.

This is a very unique skill and it's the type that can also be commercialized if you have the time and a mechanised equipment that you can use.

Well Done On This One.

Yes! I just love dashing in into many fields and when I say I love creative piece I meant it.
Yes! My mom actually said the same thing but who knows? Perhaps with time that can be looked into.

This is so great and I was thinking how the result would be like after seeing the first two photos but you amazed me. Thanks to @soyunasantacruz for writing about your post in the #Learnandearn contest

Thank you!. I guess I missed her tag.
Will check it out

You are welcome

To you for being so creative and bringing hive to life @zanoz

Thanks dear @soyunasantacruz I feel honored by your words

Thank you for continuing to do this contest, even though it is the first time i have done it.

It is good to know what leaves us hive @jizzyjoe

You are most welcome dear