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Hi fellow Hiveians,

I wanted to take part in some fun posts in the new man cave community! I’ve got a lot of car repairs and stuff that I’ve done over the years. These two I don’t think I ever posted here since it was before my blockchain adventures. I figured I would share them and get more people talking here in this community!


So the first one here my wife’s bumper. This happened before I was posting on hive/Steem so I don’t have as many pictures as I would now doing the work.

Some guy smacked into my wife’s bumper when I was at work, thankfully there were lots of witnesses but I got the check and fixed it myself after ordering the parts! It was a cracked bumper and a smashed tail light so it wasn’t that bad but the quarter panel frame was warped because of it all. Not much I could do with that.


Got the new primed bumper ready.


This was my first attempt at painting a car part. It wasn’t as easy or smooth as I wanted it to be. I also didn’t buy a clear coat over it so I made a few mistakes. Live and learn!


Had to take the old busted bumper off. This was cool to learn, I’ve never taken a bumper off.


Put the new one on and clipped it up. Not bad, you could tell the color difference unfortunately but that’s because I didn’t do enough normal coats and then a couple clear coats. I was in a bit of a rush, oh well!



Then it was time for my old truck. This project was a lot of fun! I had a few things I needed to do. I was replacing the old leaf spring hangers in the back that attached the suspension to the frame. I figured while I had the bed off and in the air, let’s drop a brand new fuel pump in it! I’m a big fan of replacing something if it’s hard to do, if I’m doing something else. I knew I didn’t want to take the bed off again so I said let’s do it!

Where my top finger is was where the leaf spring suspension was truly sitting. Where my lower finger was is where it needed to be. Big difference lol.


Side view of the difference!


At the front there is my fuel tank and fuel pump. It was fun replacing one because I had never done something that involves before. Was cool but smelly!


What I also did was sand the frame down to get rid of a lot of the loose rust and I hit it with a few bottles of sealer spray paint. I loved that truck, it was a really fun 5-speed 4wd that had a lot of life in it.


That was the new leaf spring clip that attaches to the frame rail. Thankfully the frame was solid! It wasn’t rusty like the clips were so it didn’t need extra support, it bolted right in!


While I was in there, common theme, I said screw it and replaced my suspension as well. Wanted to take care of all of it while I had the opportunity!


The last picture before I put the bed down. It was cool to have the bed in the air on the lift and the truck on the ground. I bought the truck at 224,000 miles and drove it to 293,000! I sold it to a guy that’s still driving it here and there. It’s up to 299,000 and going strong! I did a lot of great work to the truck, it was a fun learning project for me.


Hopefully the dudes in the man cave here can share some other car or maintenance stuff with me!

  • What was your favorite vehicle you owned?

  • What was your favorite thing you worked on one of your cars?

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I can imagine that bumper took you a while to spray up. I had my car in the shop for a couple of weeks after my daughter did some damage and it was the paintwork that took the most time up.

Thanks for checking my post out! I appreciate it.

The paint work is really tough because it's very time sensitive. You have to paint it but also let it sit for long enough so that it dries and doesn't get messed up! I'm used to taking stuff off and putting a new one on, not waiting around lol

The drying part is also where the risk of bits or flies landing on it comes in!

Having a car problem feels like that has own child problem, sometimes it break the bank. Good that you got it repaired

Thanks for checking my post out! I appreciate it!

Having car problems is indeed challenging sometimes. It’s a lot of fun working on them, just like having kids, if you’re into that. I mostly enjoy getting to do something with my hands to take something that’s broken or needs updating and then doing it myself instead of paying someone to do it. Gives me more satisfaction, personally. Plus now that we have our son and he’s getting older, it will be a good learning experience for him to see how I do it and to instill in him the desire to fix your own stuff!

Cheers for sharing your repairs here, mate! I've never had to repair a car to this extent before, so it's quite an interesting thing to read. Even though the paint doesn't exactly match in its shininess, that bumper looked pretty great. But your removal of all that loose rust is even more amazing. Very well done! I don't know what model pickup that is, but damn that mileage is pretty high :-O

Thanks so much for checking my post out! I appreciate it!

I started small many years ago with my car repairs and DIY work. Most people I know start with just learning how to change their oil, add some fluids and that kind of stuff. I did the same and it grew from there. I then changed my own brakes, rotated tires and really enjoyed all of it. That’s not to say I didn’t make mistakes or have difficult moments, I certainly did! Once you keep doing it though, like anything, you get more confidence and you’re willing to try to do more. Building slowly on the progress we make is important!

Ah that truck was such a solid vehicle, it was a 2003 Ford Ranger extended cab. I had plenty of space in it for me and my stuff if we were taking trips and I also had a nice sized bed if we needed to haul stuff. It was crucial to moving out of my parents house then moving out of my apartment years later. Someday I will get my hands on another one and do what I can to keep it running! It was also really easy to fix, which is so nice. Lots of room to work, unlike the smaller cars where you’re practically breaking a finger to undo a bolt near the engine.

Wow, pretty great to hear your story, mate! As with everything, there's always a first time, and it starts out small. First, you're simply pouring a new bottle of coolant, and the next thing, you're rotating tyres... Wonderful! Making mistakes is a process of learning, and that's goes for everything. Sooner rather than later, you start to gain confidence, and that's when you get the hand of things.

Those pickups are certainly very robust machines, and there's quite a few Rangers here in Malaysia, too. Not sure if your Ranger and ours is the same, as we're not a fan of big pickups here. Or at least, our roads are way too tiny for those American-sized monsters! Easy to run, easy to fix, and loads of things to carry! Cheers, and have a great day :-D

Wait what.. there's a man cave?? Am I even allowed to comment here? Now I need to make a woman cave....dammit. I'll make posts about butterflies and cooking and stuff to counteract all this manliness going on..

Hahah away you! No vaginas allowed!

You should make one called the She Shed, I like that one lol

I think a woman did post in here but I like it to post car things and stuff. Don’t always get a community to post random things in. OCD is ok but people post so much stuff in there it gets lost I think.

Nice! Very nice :)

Thanks! Thanks for checking my post out and I appreciate the support. I've got some ideas for other content to post on here, just gotta get the time to get down to writing it!

It's nice also nice earnings on this post! I got double the followers but old followers I guess. Is it somehow possible to see the amount of views on posts I believe it's very low on hive and steem...

  ·  22 days ago (edited)

For view traffic, hmm I don't know of a way. @chekohler do you happen to know if there is view stats on posts?

Thanks for checking my post out though! I appreciate it.

Only on peakd and steempeak they have a 3rd party tracking tool you can check in your dashboard but it excludes other front ends and apps so no way to see true reach! Wonder if hive mind has a render query captured per post load perhaps @dalz can tell us

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how are you dear friend @cmplxty good morning
What a great job you have done. you have a gift in your hands congratulations
I appreciate that you shared with us this wonderful work
I take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous week

Thanks for checking my post out! I appreciate it!

The work is a lot of fun, going to get more fun the older my son gets and is able to help me and learn the ropes.

yes dear friend @cmplxty that sounds great, it will definitely happen.
have a beautiful night