Summertime is Here!! Check out my pool setup and Redneck Water Heater

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After countless hours of back breaking work, the pool is up and running. There is still a bit of finishing touches to do but that's gonna have to wait until my lower back heals up.
I got rid of the crappy flexible tubing that came with the pool and pump. I installed 1-1/2 PVC to help increase the flow and lessen the restriction on the pump.
my Redneck Water Heater is working great!! I cant believe im getting 120F water out of it and it's only 85F outside. I can control how fast the water goes through it which in turn changes the temp of the water coming out. The faster the water goes through the heater, the cooler the water will be coming out.
We have 100F temps just around the corner and this pool is gonna feel great!!
Thanks for watching!!

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Took me about three times to figure out what the hell you meant by hell increase the flow.

Glad to hear that I confuse others and not just myself. 😂😂

What do you mean?

Bigger pipe, less restriction on the pump. Allowing it to pump at its full capacity. My pool sweeper hauls ass now and climbs over half way up the sides. It hooks up to the single inlet feeding water into the pool from the pump. That indicates to me that I have a stronger flow of water coming from the pump.

Let the record show, Splatts is not confused at all!

NICE! 😀👍 The heating system looks awesome! Using the power of the sun. and FREE! (after setup of course)

u did a great job.. only finishing touches are left..


I’m thinking about adding one more big coil of tubing so I can flow more water through it to heat the pool faster. Maybe next year.

yea. that sounds like it would work! 👍

Wow @splatts, you are amazing, you get a huge gold star! No wonder you have a backache moving all that block, sand and earth. Love the plumbing and the video😁

I just keep telling myself… “it’s for the kids, it’s for the kids…” LOL

Adding the bigger diameter pipe sure sped up my pool sweeper. It climbs 1/2 way up the sides. Lol.

Pretty cool or should I say hot. Your ingenuity is remarkable an in the long run its got to save you major bucks. That's a lot of blocks, it's no wonder your back is acting up. when you say you need to glue the blocks down, are you using a constructive adhesive or mud to glue the blocks in place?
With all of the time and expense it requires to have a pool, extending the number of days a pool can be used is a great idea.

So cool. I love every bit of it.

Great place to cool down during the summertime heat around here.