My Art Blog: Drawing a scenery of Rainy Season

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I hope you are all very well.
Today I am going to share a drawing with you. I watched a video from youtube and drew a rainy season scenery. The video link is here

Now I will show you how I drew it.



  • A paper
  • Pencil (2B&4B)
  • Eraser
  • Watercolor
  • Color tray
  • Brush

Drawing Process:

First I drew the picture with a pencil.


Then I started coloring. At first I colored the sky, the trees and the kadam flowers.


Then I colored the houses, a man, the umbrella, the river, water lilies and the green grass.


After coloring the scene completely, I highlighted the border. Then I colored the raindrops and finally my drawing is done.


Thanks for viewing my blog.
I will come again with a new post. Until then, everyone will be fine.



Nice drawing. I like to draw this type of images from my childhood.

Oh really! thank you so much.

Welcome :)

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