Drawing an ice cream cone digitally ( For beginners)

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As every week here is this week's Easy Illustration you can draw too. Today we are drawing an ice cream cone

You can use pencil , pen anything im using Medibang paint pro which is a app that can be installed in any device .

So i drew a circle , then i drew another layer and made some squiggly wavy line . Then i erased the circle so the squiggly lines look connected to it . Added a a curved line that looks like a cone on the bottom

Now i filled basic flat colors in our ice cream cone . Here is a trick to make your illustrations cuter color the lineart from the same color but take a shade darker like the ice cream scoop is purple so i made its lineart purple too .

This gives your drawings a very soft pastel look.
Next i added some diagonal line like a grid so it resembles the waffle cone and lastly added colorful sprinkles on top of it
This week im taking it a big further by telling you how to shade your illustrations.

Anywhere the line hits is gonna be highlighted while opposite will have a shadow . However shading can also be to show you shape like the icecream is more rounder on the scoop so i did that with an airbrush this added some depth to our cone .then i added highlights with a watercolor wet brush and set it to add in color blending mode this gives that shiny glossy finish . I added a gradient to the background and here we are with the finished illustration.

Do comment if you tried Drawing this


Aha yummy 😋

You know "Aha" is a band right? I don't know if you did that on purpose or on accident, I just wanted to say it because... why not? 😂 Keep up the good work @biyaawnur!

sorry i didn't know that until you told me


Lol. 😂

A few days ago I tried to do this and it cost me a bit, sometimes we see simple things but they take their little work. Thanks for the tutorial!