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love fashion, always have. I worked in it nd I own it like its a dress. Fashion is a lifestyle and a way to live the life you love.

I have always loved drawing and with the new fashion drawing stimulation it’s even more easy and fun.


The hive logo does well on both women and men’s clothing. I made some first things and i am planning to do more.





Where would you put a hive logo and what piece of clothing would be your choice?

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.
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Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

I am a proud member off the #theTerminal #powerhousecreatives #needleworkmonday and #payitforward and #steemitmamas. Co founder for @theterminal, @heyhaveyamet and @steem-aide

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me. @brittandjosie originals. Sources used : Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog. I only use a canon camera and my iPhone.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time.


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Blog Date : 26 july 2020

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Aren’t you just the little fancy pants designer! I want to have my own made by britt clothes! 😛 so I can look good while cooking

Cooking clothes coming up can i have your measurements please?

LOL I don't have a tape measure on me, but just know I am very thicc

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 16 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


You're very welcome!

That looks pretty nice,
Extremely good ideas!
Have a Great Sunday!

I even try to make the needlework aswell

Well You have the eye for it!
And it shows, all the way around!
Wish You a Great Evening,
And Wonderful week ahead!

You keep a bujo and you design clothes. You got ot together better then I do sister. 🤣😘

I love doing things I love but i dont have kittens to care for hahaha

A head band using Hive logo would look cool!


Going to try that next its a great idea and mouthpieces, have a great sunday

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excellent design proposal, looks eye-catching.

I am trying to get it cut out aswell and maybe do a sewing tutorial

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Very much appreciated

Wow nice

Wow!! You did this drawing!? Love it!!!
I love the jacket with hive symbol in the back!😀🔝🙌

Yes i did coming from fashion this was a thing i liked and sewing is a passion , only i have to little time

Oh, these are beautiful ... reminds me of my aunt the seamstress and the pretty patterns she would always have around ... she would have been glad to make these!

I love sewing i was a weekly for the needleworkmonday assigments but i need more time in a day hahahaha but coming from and working in fashion drawing and looking to change things i love i do it to little