3D Mosquito Aviation XE Helicopter Made in Blender 3d

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HELLO, everyone here I come back with another 3d helicopter model made in blender , so this helicopter is a type of mosquito XE with 2 seats inside , so some of that helicopter in real life has top speed of 129 km/h and length of 4.9 m
-price of US$34,000
-engine of Zanzottera MZ 201
-Designer is John Uptigrove released in 2015

so that was some info about real of that helicopter so for more details of how I have modeled that is on screenshots below,

Blender [Dblenderhelicopter2.blend].jpg

Blender [Dblenderhelicopter2.blend]_2.jpg

Blender [Dblenderhelicopter2.blend]_3.jpg

Blender [Dblenderhelicopter2.blend]_4.jpg

So thank you for all you support
#art #3dmodel #photography #war #diy #creativecoin #palnet #neoxian #appreciator

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Bien logrado :D

Muchas gracias

Cool, it has that retro art feel which is why I feel so.

Also very nice color selection I must say !

thank you