Farmer house(3d model made in blender 3d)

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hello everyone ,here it is another 3d model of farmer house so to day I just start a 7days of making 2 work in 24hrs so this is second work of day 1.
(if you have not see my 1st one link:
so that is in term of increasing my speed in modeling and it real helping me to know some shortcut so and more detail on my second work of 1st day you can look on screenshot below and if you wand to know well blender start with me this 7 days I will help us .

Blender [DblenderHOUSE.blend].jpg

Blender [DblenderHOUSE.blend]_2.jpg

Blender [DblenderHOUSE.blend]_3.jpg

Blender [DblenderHOUSE.blend]_4.jpg
so thank you so much see you to next work
#art #diy #creativecoin #palnet #neoxian #3dmodeling #blender

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Excellent, I can only dream of creating this, I wish to do something like this in the future !

yeah you will just learn 3d modeling