Portrait drawing ( pen )

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 Good day people,I'm sure you're good,this is a random portrait drawing of a teenage girl with curly soft hair and cute eyes
 It was made with purple/Violet ballpoint pen and soft strokes hatched





 Thanks for checking my post

I find it very interesting how blue ink can give such beautiful violet tones, this portrait is more than precious, it is very beautiful, I loved it

It's actually a purple ballpoint pen,I make use of different colour to draw,you can check my previous post,I used brown... basically I do colour drawing,I just wanted to go monochrome a little and thanks for loving it 😄 I think I need to edit it and be precise with the color

@humdingerpaul Oh, I'm so sorry I misunderstood your drawing 😅 Thanks for clearing up my mistake, anyway, it's dope ✨

Thanks for bringing it to my notice,most people would think the same about it,I guess im just the one who needs to be more precise on my details 😄👍