[CR] My Sketches Vol. 5

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Hello to all the artists, I hope you are having a very pleasant, pleasant and motivational day ^ _ ^

Bocetos Vol 5.jpg

I have already finished another cycle of drawings, where I look back at all my progress in recent months, although this time I am disappointed that I did not reach a greater number of drawings, even most of them I had to do with a lower quality of the one that I usually apply to my regular works, although that was at the request of the person who commissioned me, to those 6 characters. Although another of the important factors that did not comply was the chain of events that temporarily left me without a computer and without the desire to draw, which fortunately and all this time I was saving I was able to acquire a new one, but curiously it brought me a job that It reduces my drawing time, this week is that I will finally put myself to the test, to know if I can make more than 2 drawings a week or my desired goal of 3 well done drawings, I will have to seriously reduce my leisure time hehe, and for my next sketch compilation I hope to include 12 or 13 sketches before the end of the year, and if I can 15 new drawing guides, I have to go back to them, I still have a lot of them to finish ^ _ ^

Separadores para Web-01.png

Clean lineart of my drawings

Linearts Vol 5.jpg

Thank you very much for reading my post

What are your criticisms and comments on these drawings, what would you improve?
Please let me know in the comments below.
I hope you liked my works
See you in a next post


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Hello @inu-jim glad to see you still actively posting on the blockchain. I noticed you used [CR] on this post because it reminded me of ntopaz. As I understand, they are no longer active on the blockchain so it just caught my attention that you would still be using their preferred tags when labeling your posts.

Haha if it's not because you mentioned it to me, I hadn't noticed XD, I have the habit of saving word documents to reuse them later for the layout, and I didn't notice that [CR] was already seeing it until it seems funny to me ^ _ ^