Figure Drawing - In Practice


Here is my new drawing.
While giving a private tutorials to one of the guys I'm training in art. The idea of making of live drawing of him came up.
There were a couple of practices but this one was the only one I was able to take down.

Drawing from a live object or model might look simple but not really. You could end up giving it a wrong proportion which would make the work look differently from the posture.

It is pertinent to understand the angle where light is coming from before you proceed to shading as well. This will help you to build a good form.

The model has a muscular body so the features has to be depicted before proceeding to adding shades. All were done with a blue pen.




Thank you for dropping by.
Stay frosty.


Nice artwork, I don't understand exactly why this men siting in this position.. 🤔🤔

There is no much reason. Just wanted to do a figure drawing practice and that was the posture the model chose to be.

well, nice

you draw very well, It must have taken you a long time to make this picture. In which the shape of the face and hands have been made very well. Thanks 🙏

Thank you buddy 👍

Do you plan to draw for RPG game characters like pick for example Kratos from God of war? Or Geralt from the Witcher series? It may help boost your content and followers. Sure I would love to see them 😁😅

Hey, thank you for dropping buy. I think I have drawing one or thereabouts from God of War before. I will look into them once again.

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Thanks a bunch👍