Lady With Afro Hairstyle - Pen Drawing

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Hello everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my new art work. It's a random portrait drawing of a beautiful blond lady with afro hairstyle. She is supporting her jaw with her hand.

The portrait was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. I used scribble technique to create this piece.

Below are my step-by-step processes:





Thank you.


She is looking cute, your painting is nice with using ballpoint, but you can also make art with colors I think that would be more creative. Nice Artwork! 🎨

Thank you. Yeah, I do make art with colors as well. I guess you haven't seen any.
Check my portfolio.

Alright, I'm gonna check it

I liked your profile picture too❤️

Haha, it's nice to know you like my profile pic. That's my avatar😊

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Thank you!

Wow, she's beautiful!

Oh yeah, she is. Thank you buddy.

She's very cute
This looks like the previous hair of Michael Jackson.

Yeah, you got that right👍

You have done a very beautiful drawing on paper with the help of pencil. In which very beautiful hair of the girl has been made. her face is very beautiful You have done a great job my dear friend. Thanks for sharing 🙏 🎨 🖋️

Thanks a bunch✌