Mouth Study - With Pen

Hi all, greetings!


Here is my new pen drawing.
For today's drawing, I tried delving into something different - a study of the human mouth and lips - with my favorite style which is scribbles.

One of the most difficult aspects of drawing a human portrait is the mouth. Getting the accurate shapes, curves and forms are always challenging. So today, I tried to focus on it alone.

Here, I drew a sexy looking female mouth that is half way opened in such a way that a few of her teeth and tongue can be seen.

My steps can be seen below:





Thank you.


Well shaped mouth.

Thank you baba✌

You have perfectly made a female mouth looks really sexy and beautiful 😍

Thank you!🤗

Hehe, and it is sexy. A job well done. 100 sweet for you😁😁

Haha, oya send am asap😄😄

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Thank you!🤗

You have mouth a very beautiful picture with the new pen. He made the picture even while making gestures with his mouth. It looks amazing. 🙏

Thank you!👍

Otra ves tu? Jejeje viste no tienes comparacion broth exitos en tu camino es asombroso entrar a esta comunidad y ver tanta variedad sobre tu trabajo 👍🏻

Gracias. Es solo mi estilo. Creo que hay otros artistas aquí que les va bien con su propio estilo de arte.