Portrait Drawing - A Tribute

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This piece was made in respect of @wesphilbin request. He wanted to use it to pay tribute to the decease's family and friends who lost him as a result of cancer.

I am happy they appreciated the work after it was shared to them. And also glad every one was impressed with it as many felt it brought him to life.
I hope his gentle soul rest well.

This piece was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper using scribble style. You can see my steps below:





Thank you.


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I don't get why it says there's potentially sensitive content. That's just weird.

There is a problem with the settings on Twitter and I still can't solve it 😐

My his soul rest in peace

Oh yeah...

Oh. I had to reread. This saddens me to know. This was a very honorable thing to do.

This piece is very dope boss

Thank you bro. Feels good to know you like it.

Amazing. How did you manage the glare on the lenses? Really impressed that despite the scribbles, there's a lot of detail included.