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Hello hivers, good evening from this side.

Recently i have been working on this drawing for some days, this is an illustration of a lady Smiling, so many things can make human smile and when humans do what makes him/her happy, definitely he/she is gonna be excited.

This is an artwork i have been working on for days, it really takes alot of days and time to get this done, one thing is very certain in Art, your persistent and your time dedication makes good art, With the new material i have gotten now it ease my work and make it easy for me to work efficiency.

Below are the bit by bit procedure to my drawing.
Step one
The sketching- this is the grassroot of drawing if the sketching is wrong definitely the art will be wrong too, the sketching matters alot and you must take time when sketching your art.

Step 2
The sketching makes my work easier for me, this is the shading and striking of the eye, eyelashes and the hair.

Step 3
This where the shading and blending of the forehead begins, the shading must be very smooth so that you can blend easily.

Step 4
The shading and blending of the cheek side and the nose.

Step 5
The blending of her fingers

Step 6
The completion of the hands

Step 7
This is the final process the shading and blending of the hands and the part of the neck

Step 8
My signatures attach to it the drawing.

In this drawing you will see the laughing expression of a young black lady, piercing is nose and ears with rings with hair lowcut looking so focus while smiling, being happy is good and make us healthy, do what makes you happy.

This is all i have for you about my new drawing, trust you love my Artwork?

I do appreciate your comment. Thank you

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