3d animation video of a villa .

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Hope everybody is well. Many days later today I made a 3D animation video. This is a 3D Wooden Villa animation video. The work on this model I created a long time ago. There are two similarly wooden houses, a swimming pool and a separate two-story wooden house for sitting in front of it. The model is not very complicated. The work of 3D was done earlier so I have done the work of rendering it directly. I have done here the same as I always do. green plants all around. Because I like the environment surrounded by greenery. Which is why I try to put more green mountain environment, jungle, or a lot of plants in my every models. I have done here the same. I planted plum trees around it. As you can see in the video. The model is small so the video is also very short. I did sketchup 2019 for 3d work and I did the work of rendering using Lumin .5.

Here are some pictures of my work process. After importing this model, I have changed all its textures. Then I planted green gooseberries around it. When it comes to the wooden house, it is a one-room house. You can't see anything inside the house in this video. You can only see the outside areas. Just like people can see when they walk from the side of a house. I just decorated it after changing the texture. Such as Weather, Sun Shadow, Fog, Color, use these. And after sorting, I had to make the video. I had to capture some pictures of it from different angels. Of course I have collected the pictures from the angle from which the whole model can be shown. Added some effects to the video. This is how I made it work. I hope you like it .

ddwsw - SketchUp Pro 2019 9_14_2021 1_15_02 AM.png

ddwsw - SketchUp Pro 2019 9_14_2021 1_16_14 AM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_13_2021 11_53_52 PM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_14_2021 12_46_30 AM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_14_2021 12_46_19 AM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_14_2021 12_46_53 AM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_14_2021 12_46_01 AM.png

Lumion Pro 6.5.1 9_14_2021 1_05_18 AM.png

ddwsw - SketchUp Pro 2019 9_14_2021 1_01_23 AM-vert.jpg








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