Rooftop kitchen .

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I have been working on it for the last few hours. This is a Rooftop kitchen. I have designed the rooftop garden before. But this is the first. It is not part of any building plan. Only this piece has been designed. So this is the original 3D design of this Rooftop kitchen (16'7 "x 16 ') and it has been made with the sketchup 2021 software.

Although it is called a kitchen, there are not enough things to cook. There is just a place to cook, a dining table, and some food and dinner plates on the table. And there is a small seating area in front of the kitchen. This part is also called roof garden. Because I have given a lot of plants around to enhance the beauty. Glass has been used as a railing in this part.

I used a mountain background picture to give the total design a green environment. I hope this is understood in every image . The pictures may look a bit blurry. This is because I have used Pretty Cloud HDRI here. Which is why the color of the sky looks so white. And with him is Cloud Bloom. The wood grain texture is used here and the floor texture of the mosaic stone is used in some places. Some spot lights have been used on the ceiling above the kitchen. The design has been made using these in a short time.

The design has been rendered with the D5 render software. Render image aspect ratio Here some images are made in 5: 5 and some images are made directly in the screen ratio. Tried to make it look real. Here are some rendered pictures of the design. I hope you like it.











Beautiful design! And if I didn't know it was 3D I would have thought it was real!

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