Camp fun : DIY Playing cards from Birch bark ?

in hive-174301 •  16 days ago  (edited)

It was another cold and rainy day at camp so my son decided to make a set of playing cards from birchbark....





He also made me a birch bark wallet ...


A birch bark guitar...


And a birch bark business card.


Even rainy foggy days are fun at camp... keep creating.


: ) ...

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Thank you

Thats amazing, the wallet is awesome.

A little fragile but it makes a nice piece of artwork

That guiter is so lovely. I like it. Your son is very craft. I hope you do support him to do more.

Yes ... he also made a birch bark canoe for your canoe Challenge...I will post later

Wow! That's impressive!👍😲

Oh, that guitar! Amazing!