Batik (Ukara design)

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Good day all,
I've been posting paper design I think it's good I switch up a little.
Ukara design is a native design that originated from the East(e.g Arochukwu), I think the Calabar people use it too just like adire(Yoruba).
Ukara as most people know is a ritual cloth used by the Ekpe secret society. it has a lot of motifs and these motifs have their own different meanings there's a tortoise there, and a palm too and according to research this palm represent the pioneers of the Ekpe society.
Ukara is a batik design where hot wax is used to design a plain fabric then it is later dyed with a particular shade of the color"blue".
As a textile designer who's into batik too, I decided to give it a try even though I added little things to it so I don't copy the original design completely.

After drawing with the wax on the fabric you dye it.
I'll show you the end result in my next post. Thank you 😊


Cool symbolic designs 💖💖

Thank you ☺️