My Entry into the Logo Contest by @artonmysleeve

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Few days ago Arton posted logo contest calling on HIVE CREATIVES to participate. Plenny goodies for the winner and its has a 30HBD whooping price. If you have interest you should definitely participate and here is the link. Ensure to read the rules and hurray... Few hours to deadline.

  • I cut grass, trim hedges, and do general garden work, I am fun loving but hard-working.

That👆 is what Mr Arton does, so I came up with this concept. He actually wanted the Initials of the business name to be a grand part of the logo itself.

So since it's a Garden oriented business, I decided to spice up the initals(AGS) with two elements.

  1. An inverted G
  2. A makeup over with some LEAVES

Having just initials would be a lil boring, so 8 spiced it up. I hoe I didn't do too much... I needed something unique and out of the ordinary. So we were limited to just 2 colours and 3 at most. So I picked black + greens(for first sample) and white + greens. There is no garden without GREEN(S) 🌳

Sample 1


mockup design.


Logo on a white T-shirt


Logo on a Dark-green T-shirt


sample 1


Sample 2


Sample 2 on a T-shirt.

I hope you like it.

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I loooove it. Damn...This is classy!
Well done @promzyelisha

That looks so sharp and clean love it
Good luck on winning the contest