Drawing a Twitter Pal

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Hello guys, it's the start of a new week and I'm pumped for it and all that it brings as I share with you what I finished from last week.

Asides making the art in my head, I also pick up random people's pictures from the internet and practice and last week, I happened to stumble on my friend's picture on Twitter and it captured my attention. I knew it would slap once I got my pen on it.

Title: Twitter Face
Medium: needlepoint paper, hb pencil and Blue ballpen
Size: 13*11
Duration: 8 hours

It was fun working on this piece, though I was on and off it due to some of my school engagements. But it didn't stop me from dedicating 2hrs each day to the board. I even composed a song while working on it.
Might make a post about that later on.
Below are my progress shots.

Thanks for stopping by, pls don't forget to support me with your votes, comments and reblogs.. they're really some hardcore source of encouragements 🙌🏼❤️
Till next time I come your way, have a productive week!!!✌🏾😉


The hours dedicated to this portrait was worth it as the final product came out impressive! Well done!

!discovery 38

Thank you very much.. you're far too kind.. I tried my best to make it come out as beautiful as it should

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This looks really beautiful

Thanks alot Chief 🙌🏼❤️

You’re welcome boss

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Wow very beautiful.😍
You have wonderful skills.

Thanks alot Sire🙌🏼

Te quedó genial amigo, también he realizado algunos bocetos a bolígrafo y es realmente dificil conseguir la textura.

Enhorabuena y un saludo

muchas gracias, realmente lo aprecio
Creo que el papel que utilicé también contribuyó en la textura de la piel.

All done with a pen!?!?!?!?! Amazing! Great work, @reggiesart!

What do you think, @salicj?


Thanks alot Sire
Yes, it was done with a ballpen.. I really appreciate your support

Congratulations! Very impressive work! 👍


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Hi @reggiesart , for me it is always a pleasure and pleasure to appreciate and admire your art. It is exquisite, well cared for, well carried. My admiration for what you can achieve with just a pen. Your results are unique. Thank you for presenting and sharing with us your art.
Happy week to you and yours.

Thanks alot Friend.
I really appreciate the kind words
Will be uploading another art soon

Excellent, we will be waiting to enjoy your art again 👏👏🤗🙌