First Portrait of the year

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Hey y'all, Happy New year Hivers. Hope the early days of this year has been good for y'all. I gotta say, mine has been great though. I feel pumped for the year.

Pretty much why I took all that energy and strokes it all over this paper and made this artwork for a friend.


Title: Smirk
Size: 13* 15 inches
Technique: scribbling and hatching
Materials: 6b, 3b, 8b, 12b graphite pencils, Charcoal pencil, blending stump, eraser, hb pencil

Without further Ado, here are my progress shots.. documentation has gotta be better this year, y'know.

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Enjoy the rest of your day.


Wonderful, extremely realistic drawing. I wish there was someone who drew my picture, congratulations 🌸

Thank you very much
I could try, for some hbd🙂

I will kindly decline your kind offer, hbd's make 18 times more money in the country I live in.

Oo wow.. that's alot.. I was just kidding by the way.. I'd be glad to do it within my free time

Thank you very much!🤗

She looks great, you did a very nice job

Thanks 🙌🏼🙂

This is really beautiful!!!!

Thanks Chief

That's great artistic skill
How I wish that by following these procedures that I could have created something as close to this but the real me that I know who is shitty at drawing won't even get close to the first sketch 😂😂

Lol.. thanks alot for the really kind words.. it just depends on how long you're willing to put in the work y'know

Thanks for the great word of motivation

Anytime my friend.. you're welcome

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Thank you for your help!

This is lovely baba

Thanks alot Ma guy