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Hello neighbor, hope you're doing great
Permit me to disturb your scrolling with my new piece of art
I had a dream where I drew something with a different technique and I thought I'd try it out.. the new technique produced a nice result, just needs more practice and perfection will be achieved


Title: untitled
Medium: HB pencil and blue ballpen on paper
Duration: 4hrs

Before I let y'all scroll through the WIP, I'd like to drop a hint on my technique which was the cross hatching technique but it got to a point where I couldn't achieve the dark tones I needed, so I have to add pressure and cross hatch with back and forth lines.
Ladies and gentlemen, your WIP🤲🏽😌










Thanks for viewing to this point, I'm always glad to share this talent with y'all.

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Till I come your way next time. 🙌🏽🌚


I think its very good. One pen and one art, you are talented.

Thank you very much.. I appreciate it
I'm glad that you like it

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Nice! The lines on the forehead is quite sharp, but it's a nice technique you got in there. Ballpoint pen is not an easy medium to use but it can be pretty fun especially with the repetitive lines. :D You did well on your first try!

Thank you very much
You speak like an artist
I couldn't cover for the error on the forehead.. I added way too much pressure on that contour.. lesson learnt😅

Hahaha. We had a lot of ballpoint pen session in college, I kinda hated it at first but it became therapeutic along the way. Not my favorite medium but I think you're a fast learner. :D That's the problem with pens, there's no erasure hahah

Lol, that's really cool, You had an art community in school.
I started using it during the lockdown in 2020, I was broke and couldn't get pencils. So I had to learn to use the Pen. I kinda like the No Erasure Idea tho.. it makes me think creatively to improvise

I studied fine arts in college so yeah we did a lot of shit by force hahah. True! It also makes you disciplined and patient. :D

Lol.. that's really cool, I'm considering joining an arts school/academy once I'm done with university

I also like art from all its points of view, I am glad that you like it too and that you like to dedicate yourself to it, I value your work in this portrait and I hope you continue as you are doing well and always seeking to be the best for the love of art

Thank you very much
I'm glad that you liked it
I value the craft alot, so I find new ways to Express it


Thank you very much
I'm glad you think so

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Excellent work, I like your technique, I liked it very much

Thank you very much
I appreciate it
I'm glad you like it

So you job is good I really like the way the eyes look in your portrait, but your portrait looks great.

How long does it take you to make a portrait in pen?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it
I also like the eyes, they're my best features of the portrait
The duration of my pen drawings depend on size tho... This size is took me 4hrs

Nice drawing!
You really did well.

Thank you very much friend
Glad you like it

Very nice work, I don't know if I'll ever get it as right as you have....The eyes and forehead looked a little weird though. But like I said, Nice work

Thanks alot..
😅Yh.. I made some errors around those areas, was practicing my free hand sketch